Grenton Smart Home means:

Convenient and intuitive

Control roller shutters, lighting, temperature – the whole house. Manage with an application or touch panel.

Modern and innovative

Save time using automation, integration, and scenes. The house will take over some of your responsibilities.

Professional and efficient

Contact us and we will take care of the rest. Experts and certified installers will handle the implementation.

Home with Grenton system will take over some of your responsibilities

Functionalities, Benefits, and Products


Home control with an use of app or touch panel

Mobile app or touch panel – many home control options for every household member.



Control your home wherever you are. Receive notifications from the system and use an app tailored to you.

Smart Panel

Manage features from the touch panel equipped with gesture, temperature, and lighting sensors.

Touch Panel

Natural wood, glass, or exclusive leather? Match the front of the panel to the interior of your home.

Unlimited integrations

The system is open – it allows for integration with household devices, systems, apps, and any data from the Internet.


Connect all home devices into one system.


Integrate monitoring, alarm, heating, air conditioning, photovoltaics, audio-video systems. In this way, enhance their efficiency and functionality. Control them with a single app.

Data from the Internet and apps

Check the weather forecast to optimally water the garden or get information on smog to automatically activate a safe home ventilation mode.

Grenton Modules

The Grenton system consists of modules tailored for every home. It includes, among others, a central unit (CLU), input and output modules, and controllers. 


The central unit is the heart of your home. It is responsible for communication between modules and devices using the groundbreaking Distributed Logic technology in the world of home automation.

New products
and functionalities!

Stay up-to-date with premieres – everything in one place.

Grenton means
the answer to the needs of:

Those building and renovating

Build a house with use of Grenton’s standards. Our expert will support you at every stage.

Comfort and design seekers

Control all functions of the Grenton Home using intelligent, stylish panels.

Modern families

Protect your home and the entire family. Take care of the comfort and safety of your loved ones.

Geeks and enthusiasts

Use new technologies in your home. Control with the app, automate, integrate, and monitor.


The Grenton system is for anyone who wants to manage their home comfortably and safely.

3 Ways to Smart Home
with Grenton

Talk to an Expert

Find an Installer

Estimate project costs

Are you an electrician, installer, or architect? Start collaborating with the market leader in smart home technology.

Collaborating with Grenton gives you access to knowledge about the standard of modern installations, proven in thousands of implementations. It assures you of the system’s reliable performance and safety, guaranteeing peace of mind for both you and your clients. It means professional support from experts at every stage of the project.

Grenton means a market leadership

We create smart homes. We produce in the EU.
We define, shape, and educate the market.


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Configure Your
Smart Home

One investment, benefits for years.

Choose Smart Home Grenton, replacing traditional installations with one system.