Grenton Smart Home System in the Modern Borowiecka Park Housing Estate.

Borowiecka Park is an innovative residential investment located in the heart of Warsaw’s Wawer district, equipped with the advanced Grenton Smart Home System. The project combines modern technological solutions with ecological principles, offering spacious, comfortable houses.

Published 16.02.2024 12:43 – 6 min

Borowiecka Park: Modernity and comfort with the advanced Grenton Smart Home System

In one of the greenest districts of the capital, Borowiecka Park is being built – a housing estate that redefines the concept of a modern apartment. Borowiecka Park is an intimate housing estate consisting of 28 semi-detached houses. Each of these houses offers a spacious area of 178 m², designed with comfort and functionality in mind. 

The houses are characterized by modern architecture and a high standard of finishing, and each of them has its own charming garden, which is an ideal place to relax and spend time outdoors. 

The Grenton Smart Home System is a key element that distinguishes Borowiecka Park from other residential investments. It offers advanced home automation solutions that translate into incomparable comfort and efficiency of home use. The system integrates a number of functions, such as intelligent lighting management, room temperature control, remote control of blinds, access control, flood protection and many other possibilities, which allows residents to create an ideal living environment. 

The estate focuses on technology, ecology and sustainable development. Houses can also be equipped with solar roofs, and systems such as heat recovery or underfloor heating managed by the Grenton system will increase energy efficiency and thermal comfort. Thanks to smart solutions, residents will be able to enjoy lower energy bills and better air quality inside their homes. 

Functionalities of the Grenton Smart Home System in the Borowiecka Park Housing Estate: Innovations for Comfort and Ecology.

The Grenton system, installed in the Borowiecka Park housing estate, is a modern solution that has changed the traditional approach to home management. Grenton offers a wide range of functions that not only make the everyday life of residents easier, but also contribute to protecting the environment and increasing the energy efficiency of homes. 

The key feature of the system is the ability to remotely control all home functions from anywhere in the world via the myGrenton mobile application. Thanks to this, residents can easily manage their home regardless of where they are. 

Functionalities of the Grenton system in Borowiecka Park:

Comprehensive climate management: 

  •  Heating Control: The system allows you to individually adjust the temperature in different part of your home, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency while reducing heating costs. 


  • Recuperator Control: Effective air exchange with minimal heat loss, which is key to maintaining optimal air quality and freshness in rooms. 


  • Air Conditioning Control: During the hot days, it allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature, offering full control over the climatic conditions in your home. Together with the shading system, it allows for full energy optimization and generation of savings. 

Lighting and shading management:

  • Lighting Control: Flexible control over lighting throughout the house, with the ability to turn the light on/off from the phone or Smart Panel, which allows you to save energy and adjust the light to the needs of residents. 


  • Roller Shutters and External Blinds Control: Automatic adjustment of roller shutters and blinds increases comfort and privacy and adjusts the access of sunlight, which translates into better thermal insulation and energy savings. 

Security and access management:

  • Garage Door Control: Remotely control your garage door for convenience and security, allowing easy access and control. 


  • Flood Protection: A system for immediate notification of water leaks and automatic closing of the valve, minimizing the risk of flooding and protecting against possible damage. 


Garden automation:

  • Irrigation Control: Automatic irrigation system, keeping the garden in perfect condition, optimizing water consumption and avoiding excessive 


  • irrigation thanks to integration with soil moisture sensors and weather forecast data. 


The Grenton Smart Home System installed in the Borowiecka Park investment is not only a step towards modernity and comfort, but also an expression of concern for the environment and future generations. Thanks to intelligent management of energy, security and everyday tasks, Borowiecka Park is becoming an example of an innovative and sustainable housing estate. 


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