Smart Lighting – What is it?

Explore how smart lighting works, what it entails, and how it can assist you in your home. Read the article to learn more.

Published 13.03.2023 12:10 – 6 min

Smart Lighting – Everything you need to know

In a modern building, lighting serves not only a functional role but also a decorative one.

A single lamp that spotlights the living room or bedroom is no longer sufficient. To enjoy full comfort and convenience in one’s home, it’s worth considering which light points will appear in it during the design phase. Different lighting is suited for reading, others for children’s rooms, or the dining room. Controlling the lamps is also essential.

While the traditional switch fulfills its function, it doesn’t offer the convenience of managing home devices. This is where smart lighting comes into play. Discover how it works and why it’s worth investing in.

Smart Lighting – What’s that all about?

Smart home systems are gaining increasing popularity. It’s no wonder – they are not only convenient solutions but also economical and eco-friendly. They quickly became a standard addition to the designs of modern homes. One of the functions of home automation is managing lighting.

No longer do you have to get up from the couch to dim the lights in the living room, nor wake up a child in the middle of the night to turn off the lamp by their bed. Thanks to smart lighting, all of this can be comfortably done from a smartphone app or through previously set configurations. How does it work?

Lighting scenes in a smart home

One of the most interesting and at the same time most useful features of smart home lighting is the ability to control lighting scenes. In short, they allow for flexible adjustment of lighting to the current conditions and needs of the residents.

Lighting scenes enable control over each lamp individually, facilitating brightness adjustments or tailoring lighting conditions to specific situations. While watching a movie, you can activate the “cinema” scene, and the light points dim appropriately, ensuring maximum comfort. Importantly, you decide what a particular scene will look like. The installer can program each one to precisely meet your requirements.

You can have customized scenes for every room. A different one for the child’s room in the evening, another for the bedroom in the morning, and yet another to welcome you when you come home. Smart lighting for stairs or an entire apartment allows effortless management of lamps in any space.

Lighting scenes can also be activated using a smartphone. So, there’s no need to run to the switch; a single press will suffice.

Maintain a natural daily rhythm with Smart Lighting

Scientific studies show that the lighting we are exposed to daily significantly impacts our health and well-being. The closer it mimics natural sunlight, the better. Naturally, as we know, the color and intensity of light change with the time of day and the season. It should be the same in our homes.

With smart home lighting, you can adjust the intensity and hue according to the time of day. In the morning, cold light will have a refreshing effect, while in the evening, warm and soft light will set the right mood.

Smart RGB LED lighting will emulate the natural change in light color in line with the daily rhythm. This ensures that it doesn’t disrupt the biological clock, allowing for a peaceful sleep and an energized morning.

Smooth light activation

Traditional lighting’s major flaw is its inability to adjust brightness. Press a switch, and the lamp instantly beams at full intensity, often blinding and complicating everyday tasks.

Może to być pół sekundy, mogą być dwie lub pięć – wszystko zależy tu od Ciebie.  Our eyes work better when they can gradually adjust to light levels. This is where smart house or apartment lighting comes in. With home automation, you can have a “soft start” for your lighting. This means the lamp gradually illuminates over a set period – be it half a second, two seconds, or five – it’s your choice.

Adjust light according to the time of day with Smart Lighting

Recall those moments when you had to turn on a light in the middle of the night, whether to let the dog out, check on the child, or visit the bathroom. Each time, the glaring light was almost painful to the eyes. Smart lighting solves this issue. The Grenton Smart Home system allows you to set the desired brightness. With the Grenton system’s scheduling feature, you can choose the light level that’s most comfortable for you. At night, the lighting can also respond to motion sensors, illuminating your path to the bathroom or child’s room.

Gentle awakening with Smart Lighting

After a good night’s sleep, you deserve a gentle wakeup. A sharp alarm sound won’t provide that. Instead of waking up to that jarring noise every morning, opt for a more comfortable rise. With the Grenton Smart Home system, you can wake up to gradually brightening bedroom lights, self-opening roller shutters, or a radio turning on. This way, your body reacts more gently, ensuring you start your day in a good mood.

Savings with home automation system

But that’s not all. Smart lighting is also a more economical and eco-friendly solution. You no longer have to worry about high electricity bills as the lights will turn off at the right time on their own. Do you leave a room and forget to turn off the lights? No worries. The Grenton Smart Home system will handle it for you. With smart lighting, you can save up to 35% on energy costs. Using less electricity also reduces your environmental impact.


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