Grenton Smart Home System as a market standard – tips for Architects.

Smart home solutions are no longer a fleeting trend. They are a standard used in nearly half of the households in Europe.

Published 06.03.2023 14:09 – 6 min

Prospective market

Investors building their homes, conscious not only of savings, are increasingly opting for home automation solutions, realizing how effectively they support managing the energy balance of a house, facilitate control and management of the home, as well as easily integrate with other installations and devices in the building. Architects and interior designers, aware of the prospective market, are increasingly making use of modern installations, making their designs more appealing to end users.

Grenton Smart Home System – Professional support at every stage of the project

The Grenton Smart Home means a professional home automation system tailored to the individual needs of the user. It is installed by professional installers, offering substantive support at every stage of the design. It consists of a set of modules, a family of touch panels, and a mobile application for remote system operation.

The system can be easily installed in both buildings under construction and those already finished.

Modern design
and control

Grenton prioritizes user experiences and satisfaction. Hence, smart touch panels, switches, and the mobile app are always available in versions tailored to user needs and the room in which they are installed. Their modern appearance, combined with the various materials from which they are made, seamlessly fit into any interior, aligning with current design trends.

The company’s flagship product, most popular among customers, is the Grenton Smart Panel – an OLED display featuring four programmable touch buttons and the ability to controll using hand gestures. The panel comes with a fully customizable and programmable user interface and is equipped with temperature and light sensors. Dedicated touch panels, intuitive operation, and remote control via an easy-to-use mobile app make for a comprehensive and user-friendly system.

Affordable price, greater savings

A modern home equipped with the Grenton System provides not just comfort, convenience, and time-saving but also tangible financial benefits resulting from conscious and often automated energy management process.

Non-optimal energy consumption, especially during energy crises and rising energy prices, leads to very high and unchecked bills.


The Grenton Smart Home System is designed to manage energy in the most rational and efficient way, significantly reducing electricity and heating bills. In practice, this means the system controls lighting and heating based on the presence of people in rooms. It determines when it’s cost-effective to turn on devices like air conditioning, recuperation, or boilers to adjust room temperatures appropriately.

The system can autonomously decide on the activation or deactivation of devices like a heat pump, a hot water tank heater, a washing machine, and a dishwasher. Going further, it can even initiate automatic charging of your electric vehicles, including a car, a bicycle, and a scooter, using the energy generated by your PV installation.

The costs of implementing the Grenton Smart Home System vary depending on its scope of operation. It all depends on how extensive the system should be and which functions it should control.

When planning a modern installation at home, the cost of the Grenton Smart Home System realistically accounts for only about 30% of such a system’s value. The remaining amount you allocate to the system would anyway be spent on other installations in the house. By preemptively planning your home automation installation, you simply avoid duplicating these costs.

Support in design and configuration

The activation of the Grenton Smart Home System entails undertaking installations at smart standards, followed by its correct configuration. Throughout the entire implementation process of the Grenton Smart Home System, we ensure comprehensive support from our specialists and Authorized Grenton Dealers. They assist not only in planning aspects of the system but also in its full deployment and daily use support.

Grenton’s showrooms and Smart Home demonstration spaces

Grenton solutions can be viewed and experienced in several Grenton Smart Home Showrooms and numerous demonstration spaces located across various parts of Poland. Anyone interested can seek professional advice on-site, get acquainted with the system’s capabilities, and see the products in person.

Authorized Grenton Dealers will help determine the scope of functionalities suitable for a particular home and select the best solutions.


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