You create,
Grenton installs and configures

Grenton guarantees easy implementation of the home automation system in your projects.

You create, set trends.
Grenton will take over
and implement
smart home for you.

Smart Home Knowledge

You don’t have to know every aspect of smart home technology. Grenton provides innovative solutions and the latest information, allowing you to focus on creativity. Your projects are supported by the best specialists in the industry.

Support from A to Z

Regardless of the project stage, from concept to implementation, Grenton is with you. With assistance, every project of yours will be tailored to the individual needs of the Client. You can focus on designing, Grenton will take care of the rest.

Modern Design

You create spaces of the future, and Grenton delivers aesthetic and functional panels that perfectly blend with modern interiors. The natural and unique finish of Grenton products emphasizes the character of each space.

Every stage of an Architect’s collaboration with a Client fully supported by Grenton:

1. From the very beginning, works on a design with a smart home installation you start with the support of Grenton Advisor
You probably start the work taking into account the needs and expectations of the Client. We believe that a smart home system is one of those expectations, so you include it in the project as an important element of a modern design. If you have doubts or need consultation, your Grenton Advisor is always ready to help and provide the necessary information.
2. The Grenton Advisor helps define the scope of smart home functionalities and plan integrations with other systems
The Grenton Advisor thoroughly analyzes your project assumptions and provides tips on possible smart home functionalities. The Advisor also recommends other systems and devices worth integrating with the smart home system. From alarms, video surveillance, heating, air conditioning, recuperation, lighting, multiroom systems, to the choice of household appliances and interesting online data integrations, such as weather forecasts or air quality information.
3. The Grenton team develops a technical installation project of the smart home for you
After receiving electrical installation plans from you, the Grenton team starts working on the technical design of the smart home system, ensuring the highest standards and precision. You then simply incorporate it into your documentation.
4. The local Grenton representative starts converstations with the Client
The Authorized Grenton Dealer, working in collaboration with you, presents the Client with the possibilities of the system. From answering even the toughest questions to a practical demonstration of the system’s operation – everything so that the Client has a full understanding of the offered functionalities and confidence in their choice.
5. Directly at the Client's place, the local Grenton representative installs and configures the system
When the project is ready for implementation, the Authorized Grenton Dealer handles the deployment and ensures that the installation and system configuration are conducted with the utmost precision and attention to detail. The Dealer manages the entire process from start to finish, including training the household members on the system’s operation.
6. Post-sales support for the Client is also coordinated and provided by Grenton
Grenton not only delivers the technology but also guarantees full support after its deployment. Both warranty service and potential support after the warranty expires are ensured, and the Authorized Grenton Dealer is always ready to provide assistance and advice on using the system.

Grenton means a team
dedicated to working
with architects
and designers.

Architect Advisor

A person from Grenton. Also an architect. A person familiar with the system and its functionalities. Dedicated to direct support in project creation and Client discussions.

Support Team

At every stage of the project, the Support Team is available, ready to share technical guidelines and best practices from thousands of implementations.

Authorized Dealer

The official, local representative of Grenton, installing and configuring the system for the client. Also handles individual post-implementation care.

Grenton Advisor
and Partner Program

Firstly: the support from the Grenton Advisor is not impersonal. Meet Agata Łydek-Grzywa, an architect by education and passion. With over 12 years in the industry, she supports architects and interior designers daily.


Secondly, as part of the Partner Program, for designing and recommending the Grenton Smart Home System, you will receive an attractive commission from its sale.

Grenton means a trusted provider of smart home systems with experience from thousands of implementations.


years of history

We started developing our technology in 2011. We entered the commercial market in 2015.


professional installers

We develop not only the product, but also a network of partners. Over 5,000 installers are already cooperating with Grenton.


system users

Over 40,000 clients worldwide trust Grenton. This number grows every day.

Sample reference projects:

Modern residence Eutymia, Warsaw, Poland

A passive house made of concrete, innovatively using a home automation system in every room, including:

  • touch panels with natural wood, matched to the interior,
  • lighting that follows the inhabitants,
  • scent generation system, based on data from the Grenton Multisensor,
  • smart courier package box,
  • over 40 roller shutters for synchronous control, e.g., depending on the angle of sunlight,
  • lighting for the aquarium and home terrarium,
  • and many more: Eutymia Home and Garden.

Luxurious, celebrity residence, Poland

600 sq. m. of modern living space.

From the very beginning of the project, the Grenton Smart Home System was incorporated for:

  • controlling roller shutters, temperature, traditional and LED lighting,
  • managing multimedia and electrical socket circuits,
  • collaborating with an alarm system, heat pump, and air conditioning, the entrance gate, and garage,
  • automation, including leaving home, waking up the house, and cinema scenes,
  • integration with a weather station and utilizing the Grenton Multisensor.

Miedziana Gora House, Poland

A private home where, besides the standard home control functions, the Grenton Smart Home also controls:

  • advanced audio system,
  • sauna operations,
  • and oxygenation and lighting of the terrace pond.

Duna Terasz Grande, Hungary, 790 apartments with Grenton

Grenton is not only for individual investments but also a system used in large residential complexes.  In the housing estate project in Budapest, it’s employed for:

  • managing temperature, lighting, and roller shutters in each of the 790 apartments,
  • with an option to support management of common areas, including 19 commercial premises and Marina on the Danube.
Other examples of residential, hotel, and commercial projects:

Aparthotel, Poland

19 apartments fully controlled by Grenton. Additionally, sauna visit reservation and common space control.

Lemon Resort & Spa, Poland

20 two-level hotel apartments; with Grenton’s light and temperature control.

Pradom 700, Poland

An intimate estate with premium homes. Turnkey finished and fully equipped by the developer, also with the Grenton Smart Home System.

Modular homes Keno Home

A complete smart home system for all series of Keno Home modular houses.

Microsoft office, Nigeria

Lighting and temperature control in an office building used, among others, by Microsoft.

MasterCard, Expo, Romania

Control of the MasterCard exhibition space in an expo center.

Hulakula, Poland

Entertainment and recreation center with bowling alley, game room, and dance floor; with Grenton’s lighting control.

Starbucks, Cyprus

Top Starbucks chain cafe in a shopping center; with Grenton’s lighting control.

Futuria Maślice, Poland

156 apartments, private park, electric vehicle charging station, and Grenton system available for all residents.

Białowieża Enclave, Poland

A combination of an apartment complex with a view of the forest and a recreation-conference center. Grenton controls lighting, heating, sockets, and ensures safety.

…and more

Contact us. We will be happy to tell you more during the meeting, also about ongoing projects.

Grenton in the social media of top architects and industry influencers:

Top projects from the Polish Tatra Mountains area, trusting Grenton as a comprehensive and reliable home automation solution.

Nowoczesna Stodoła (Modern Barn) – daily new inspirations, also with Grenton – a home automation system perfectly fitting modern architecture.

A professional installation company using Grenton solutions for the most demanding investors.

About Grenton in popular and industry-specific Polish media, including:
Grenton at the most important trade fairs for designers and architects, for example:

The most important event for interior designers and architects in Central Europe.

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The Grenton system means a solution for both residential and commercial investments.

It is suitable for houses, residences, and apartments, but also for hotels, offices, and public utility places. It combines the advantages of wired and wireless systems.


It is designed to guarantee speed and communication stability – a flagship feature of wired systems. It is also prepared for the application of wireless solutions where there is no possibility of using a wired bus or where an non-invasive expansion of the system to additional rooms is expected.

Home control with design for every interior

In addition to the portfolio of home automation modules and mobile application, the system offers a wide selection of stylish touch panels, available in various natural finish variants, along with the flagship Smart Panel equipped with an OLED screen.


The modern look of Grenton touch panels and the different materials they are made from make the panels perfectly suited for any interior. You can choose from a constantly expanding portfolio of high-quality stylish, modern premium materials, including glass, natural wood, and high-quality leather.

Authorized Dealers and showrooms available throughout Poland and other countries

Architects and designers have the opportunity for local cooperation with Authorized Grenton Dealers in every provincial city in Poland and other countries. They don’t have to limit themselves to one central showroom, as Grenton offers access to showrooms and demonstration spaces scattered throughout the countries. Thanks to this, dealers are always within close reach, ready to support architects and designers.

Selected showrooms and demonstration spaces for Grenton Smart Home

Strefa Instalatora, Warsaw

S2M, Opolskie Voivodeship

IPbud, Lublin

Lux-Instal, Silesian Voivodeship

Inteliors, Suwałki

El-bol, Jasło

Flash Group, Radom

EL-EL Smart Home, Bydgoszcz

Ekoinstal SD, Białystok

Nestino, Cracow

Inteliors, Suwałki

Rygel, Nowy Targ

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