Grenton means
the leading professional
smart home system

It’s the standard for modern home installations, created based on a reliable and easy-to-configure home automation system.

Grenton for Professionals:

A standard for modern installations

Grenton System means a modern home automation installation. It’s a standard, created based on thousands of implementations.

Stability of Operation and Safety

The system is built on the best components, rigorously tested software, and secure communication.

Technical Support and Ease of Installation

Technical support at every stage. A knowledge base and training materials. Intuitive configuration tools.

The Grenton system transforms a traditional electrical installation into a modern home automation system.

It sets the standard for modern home installations, whose basic configuration includes: control of lighting, roller shutters, and heating; modern automations that save time and money; essential integrations with household devices such as gates, alarms, and sensors.


The Grenton standard means the result of experience from thousands of implementations. It allows for easy expansion of the system with additional components, functionalities, and integrations.

The process of creating Grenton modules is controlled to ensure the system operates reliably in every situation. From the design stage, through production, to the commercial implementation, Grenton devices are developed:

  • using artificial intelligence to minimize the risk of errors in subsequent stages of product development,
  • on the same lines as gas and electricity meters, which are expected to operate faultlessly for 25 years,
  • using machinery from top suppliers like SEICA, ZENITH, ERSA, and SAKI,
  • so that they meet the highest market standards, for example, thanks to gold-plated PCB boards or soldering technology in a nitrogen shield,
  • incorporating advanced tests both in the design process and production, such as: Flying Probe, Solder Paste Inspection, and Automated Optical Inspection,
  • with a focus on quality and precise tests under extended temperature and humidity ranges.


Grenton devices meet all, even the most rigorous standards. They have, among others, CE certificates and comply with the requirements of directives such as RED, EMC, LVD.

of the highest quality
technologically advanced

Grenton software is monitored at every stage of its creation. This ensures the system’s reliability and the comfort of the installers’ work.

The software is developed using innovative tools and technologies that enhance the quality of the emerging system. It is automatically and manually tested based on over 20,000 scenarios. It undergoes verification for several months in beta version before its official release.


The system’s stability and communication are also guaranteed by the use of proven and reliable transmission protocols, such as TFBus, Ethernet, Z-Wave, and WiFi.

AES 128 encrypted communication ensures the security of the system's users

You receive technical support both directly and through the Knowledge Base.

Direct Contact

Grenton experts are at your disposal when others are unreachable. You receive support at every stage of the project. Both Grenton experts, Authorized Grenton Dealers, and trained distributor staff worldwide are waiting for you.

Knowledge and Materials

Take advantage of basic, advanced, and supplementary trainings. Watch the Grenton Academy and tutorials on YouTube and get familiar with the Knowledge Base, which includes system documentation, instructions, diagrams, installation guidelines, and integration information.


The Grenton group on Facebook brings together thousands of enthusiasts and practitioners who are eager to share their advice and inspirations with you.

Caring for the time and money of installers, the system was designed to be easy to install and configure.

Basic system functionalities are easily configurable from one tool and accessible to all installers, right after the first level of training. Using object-oriented configuration tools – Visual Script Builder, the myGrenton Application Creator – is fast and intuitive. Creating both simple scripts and complex automations is intuitive, simple, and repeatable. The software is widely available, without additional fees and licenses.


The assembly of modules in the distribution board is intuitive, fast, and error-free. The installation of touch panels is completely non-invasive – in regular electrical boxes, without screws, latches, plastering, or finishing works – only by turning/twisting the module on a ring dedicated for this purpose.

Innovation, the most talented employees, and cooperation with experts and scientific institutions allow the creation of unique technologies and products.

The Grenton system is distinguished by its innovative object-oriented architecture, supported by the open LUA programming language. The system includes modern tools, e.g., for visual, simplified configuration – Visual Script Builder and the myGrenton application creator. It has the CLU Discovery feature, which automatically identifies and addresses modules during the configuration process. It includes the innovative Distributed Logic technology, which ensures operation in critical situations, even after removing a CLU module from it. The system uses TFBus – an efficient, fast, wired communication protocol. It has the Smart Panel – an award-winning panel with an OLED display, temperature sensor, light intensity sensor, gesture and proximity sensors, and a signaling LED and speaker.

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