Home Control

Tablet, phone, touchscreen panel, smart switch.

Many home control options for every household member.


Control your home in many ways. With Grenton you can use:

Smart Panel

A flagship touchscreen panel with an OLED display. It displays any information – from home and from the Internet. Combines and replaces the functions of several controllers.

Touch Panel

A stylish touchscreen panel, 4 or 8-button, available in various finishes. Replaces several switches and adapts to the interior.

myGrenton App

A single mobile application for managing the entire house from anywhere in the world. With an interface individually tailored for each user.

Smart Panel

Grenton Smart Panel is a stylish touchscreen panel with an OLED screen. It can combine and replace the functions of many controllers typically installed in a house – thermostat, lighting switches, ventilation and air conditioning controllers.


Its compact dimensions and full configurability make it a very ergonomic solution. Additionally, the installation of the panel is completely non-invasive – in standard electrical boxes, without screws, latches, plastering, or finishing works – only by rotating/twisting the module on a dedicated ring.

Features of Grenton Smart Panel
  • OLED display
  • Gesture sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Light and temperature sensor
  • Signaling of pressing through an LED and speaker
  • Ability to create your own interfaces

System configuration: Grenton Smart Panel

Part 10 of Grenton Academy – an episode for investors and installers.

Do you want to learn about the capabilities and ways of programming panels with the Grenton Smart Panel display?

Touch Panel

Grenton Touch Panel is the sleekest panel in the portfolio, with 4 or 8 programmable buttons. It’s functional, often replacing many switches in the home and comes in many stylish finishes.


You can match the panel to the interior and choose from selected and natural finishing materials, e.g., various types of wood, leather, and glass. It is also available in a custom version, with icons engraved as you need them.


Similar to the Smart Panel, it is installed non-invasively in a standard electrical box, on a dedicated ring.

Features of Grenton Touch Panel
  • Programmable buttons
  • Stylish design – natural wood, leather or glass
  • Possibility of engraving icons
  • Temperature and light sensor

Customize Panels
to Your Interior

Concrete I
Concrete II
Wall I
Wallpaper I
Wallpaper II

myGrenton App

The mobile application myGrenton offers simple and intuitive control of the entire home. Designed for iOS and Android systems.


In myGrenton, you remotely control the temperature, lighting, roller shutters, heat pump – from anywhere in the world. You manage all important systems and devices in the home from one app. And each household member receives an app interface tailored to themselves and their needs.


In myGrenton, you will also receive notifications about important events in the home, e.g., about detecting flooding and the automatic shutting off of the water supply.

Voice Control with myGrenton

Thanks to the integration with the Shortcuts app for iOS and the ability to create shortcuts to the myGrenton app on Android, you can use myGrenton for voice control of the entire home. You can give voice commands to your phone, tablet, or other device that uses voice command shortcuts.


Example of voice scene activation:

Hey Siri Turn On Cinema!

OK Google, Open the Gate!

Download myGrenton app Demo

See what home functionalities you can control with the app. Check what home parameters you can remotely monitor.

Smart Switch function for regular switches

Thanks to the Grenton Smart Home system, a regular switch gains advanced smart functions.


Simple switches allow control of one electrical circuit – for example, turn a light on and off. The Grenton system will make a regular switch an intelligent button, recognizing 4 different types of presses. Each of these can be assigned any function.


For example, a short press will turn the light on and off, while holding it down can gradually brighten or dim it. The functionality of the buttons can be adjusted to the time and part of the day. At night a gentle light illumination, in the evening – full light. For convenience.

Configure Your
Smart Home

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