myGrenton app
means home
under control

Manage your home from your phone or tablet.
Every area, wherever you are.

With myGrenton app
Home is always at your fingertips:

Remote Control

Control temperature, lighting, roller shutters, the entire home remotely. Display camera feeds, home device statuses, sensor readings, and many more. From anywhere in the world.

One Application

Manage all important systems and devices in the home from one application. Thanks to integrations, there’s no need to switch between different apps and systems.

Interface Personalization

During installation, you receive a dedicated interface tailored to your home, with the option to create additional profiles for each household member.

myGrenton functionalities include remote control of climate, lighting, blinds…


Set an individual temperature for each room.


Control in groups or individually light sources, as well as their color and intensity.


Raise and lower blinds to the desired height and with a chosen angle of the slats.

… scenes, gates, multimedia, recuperation, light color, energy consumption, and many more:


Activate scenes – ready-made sequences of events in the system.


Use the grouping of all light sources and automation, waking up in the morning or starting a movie session in the living room. Turn off all lights with one button when going to sleep or close roller shutters and windows when leaving home.

LED Color Control

Set any color, saturation, and brightness of lighting. Match the color of the lighting to the mood or weather outside. As you like.

Slats Angle

Not only lower and raise the blinds but also set the slat angle precisely. Illuminate or shade rooms as precisely as you need.

Sensor Readings

Control home parameters. Monitor noise levels, humidity, CO2 concentration, bad odors, and many others.


Plan a schedule for selected events, e.g., set the hours of thermostat operation.


Turn on and off electrical circuits from the application. You won’t be returning home to turn off the iron.

Gates, Wickets

Open and close gates or wickets without getting up from the chair at home or work – no matter where you are.


Check the alarm status and activate it remotely if needed.

Camera Preview

Watch a live preview from cameras at home. No matter where you are, you always see what’s happening at home, in the garden, or at the front door.


Use myGrenton as a remote control for your TV or audio system.

Smart Lock

Lock and unlock doors from anywhere in or out of the house.

Recuperation and Ventilation

Check the status and pace of ventilation. Change the speed and operating mode of devices. Always breathe clean air.

Energy Management

Monitor in real-time how much energy your home produces. Activate the electric car charging schedule remotely. Monitor current energy consumption.

Pool, Jacuzzi

Remotely turn on water filtering. Set the appropriate temperature and water backlighting.


Turn on and off garden watering or lighting. Set a schedule for automatic lawn mowing. Use notifications about low soil moisture or the rainfall forecast for the next day.

…and many more.


Push Notifications

Grenton means a system that not only controls the functions of the house according to the established scenario. When necessary, it will inform you about significant events or ask for a decision.


You will receive, among others, information about important safety events, e.g.: detection of flooding, deactivation of the alarm, or too high carbon monoxide concentration.

Voice control and more

Thanks to the integration with the iOS Shortcuts app and the ability to create shortcuts for the myGrenton app in Android, the system allows you to use myGrenton for voice control of the entire house. You can give voice commands to your phone, tablet, or another device that uses voice command shortcuts. It also allows the use of other functionalities, e.g., iOS apps for event automation and your routines.

Examples of use:


  • Voice activation of scenes – Hey Siri Turn On Cinema!
  • Adding shortcuts to the home screen for quick access – e.g., open the gate, OK Google, open the gate!
  • Ability to use geolocation in iOS – activating the gate when approaching the house.

myGrenton is always with you.
Sample use cases.


Remotely open the parcel box or wicket and let the courier into the yard.


Open the garage door and turn on the driveway lighting with a voice command.


Make sure you turned off the iron and closed the door – without getting up from the deckchair.

Living Room

Sitting on the couch, activate the “cinema” scene and turn on the TV, ambient light, and lower the roller shutters at the same time.


On a sunny morning, raise the roller shutters without getting out of bed.


Kids came back for lunch? Reach for the phone and open the gate for them with the app.


Before leaving, activate the house exit scene with one button.

…and many more.

The myGrenton app can work locally or communicate with the house, using encrypted communication with the cloud.

The application tailored
for every user


Every home is different. The myGrenton app can be tailored both in terms of functionality and appearance. The installer will create several app interfaces adapted to the needs of the household members.

One Home

Grenton Smart Home combines all basic home device functions in one app.

Different Profiles

Household members have different needs and requirements. As the home’s host, you’ll receive a full list of functionalities. The installer can create individual profiles and introduce additional features, e.g., limited access for children.


In the Grenton Smart Home system, you can prepare any number of custom profiles – for example, the “guest” profile is often used by apartment rental owners.


The main profile allowing control over all devices in the house.


An example profile with access to a limited number of rooms/functions.


An example of a custom use of user profile management.

Configuring myGrenton – for installers

You’ll prepare the myGrenton app interfaces using the intuitive myGrenton Builder wizard in the Object Manager configuration program.


It’s an intuitive software that allows for the configuration and integration of the entire system. For the myGrenton app, it’s where you can create and share any built interfaces, widgets, buttons, and blocks in the app. It uses an intuitive and simple drag&drop function.

Download myGrenton app with a demo interface

You don't need to have the system to check the app's operation. Install it and see how easily you can manage the entire house.