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BETA: Z-Wave 700 Relay x2 and Infibity Sensors

BETA: Gate HTTP: HEOS & Denon Marantz AVR

Audio Systems

BETA: Modbus TCP/IP & Modbus RTU Slave

Digital IN FM

Smart Panel Leather

Smart Panel Wood

Voice Control

Coming soon!

BETA: Z-Wave 700 Relay x2 and Infibity Sensors

New possibilities

Expanding the versatility of our system, we are introducing new wireless products based on Z-Wave 700 technology!

These new modules support the installation of the system not only in new buildings but also in existing and upgraded ones. The new products also allow for the gradual expansion of the system with new devices and additional sensors and circuits, even if they were not previously considered.

New modules

We are introducing Z-Wave modules into our product lineup: BETA Relay x2 Z-Wave, 3 sensors: BETA Infibity Door & Window, BETA Infibity Motion Sensor, BETA Infibity Water Leak Sensor, as well as related software, BETA CLU Z-Wave, and Object Manager.

Beta orders

You can now place orders for beta versions of the modules in our B2B store.

BETA: Gate http: HEOS & Denon Marantz AVR

Integration with Denon HEOS Devices

Discover the integration possibilities with Denon HEOS devices:

  • Launch your favorite radio stations
  • Set alarms, ringtones, or voice messages from any USB-stored track

Integration with Denon and Marantz AVR Devices

Enhance your experience through integration with Denon and Marantz AVR devices:

  • Control sound using VolumeUp, VolumeDown, Mute
  • Select signal source
  • Choose device operating mode – Sleep/On
  • Select zones

The release also includes new diagnostic features for the GATE object, such as OverloadDetection and ResetReason, as well as changes to the HttpRequest and HttpListener objects. Explore the full release to discover all the details and updates.

Audio Systems available on the Grenton B2B Platform

We have introduced to our portfolio and B2B platform audio systems from renowned manufacturers: Denon, Sonos, Polk Audio and Dali. These brands are known for delivering high-quality audio solutions. Each of them guarantees quality and unforgettable sound experiences.

Find Them on Our B2B Platform

All these systems are now available for purchase through our B2B platform, including network amplifiers, streamers, multiroom systems, and installation speakers. This is an ideal opportunity to offer audio in your projects.

Upcoming Launch: Gate http with Heos

Coming soon is the launch of Gate http with native support for Heos services (Denon and Marantz).

BETA: Modbus TCP/IP & Modbus RTU Slave

Modbus TCP/IP

New BETA software for the Gate Modbus module significantly expands its capabilities, especially when it comes to advanced integrations with devices such as air conditioners, heat pumps, and others that use the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. The introduction of TCP protocol support enables communication via Ethernet and operates in both Client and Server modes.

Modbus RTU Slave

In the update, there is also a new operating mode, Modbus RTU Slave, which allows integration with external BMS systems. The Gate Modbus RTU module in Slave mode waits for commands sent from external systems and responds to them.

Get familiar with the full release to learn all the details and new features.

Digital IN in a flush-mounted version

We introduce to our portfolio the Digital IN module in a flush-mounted version. This product changes and simplifies the way intelligent home installations are prepared and extends the possibilities of its expansion in the future.


Key product features:

  • Ability to connect up to 4 digital inputs and 2 temperature sensors supported by the 1-wire protocol.
  • Digital inputs can be used to connect any elements with a contact output, e.g. light switches, motion sensors, smoke detectors, or flood sensors.


Why choose it?

  • Simplicity: easier electrical installation design.
  • Functionality: significantly less cabling for a given investment.
  • Flexibility: at any time, additional elements can be added to the system, including additional touch panels or a classic switch with a smart switch function.
  • Optimization: you replace many sections of UTP cable with a single, dedicated Grenton bus cable.

Smart Panels with an Elegant Leather Finish

Our Smart Panels with a leather finish combine elegance with modernity. They merge technology and unique finishing to add a unique charm to your interior. Discover how they can make your life easier.

Tailored to the Interior

Smart Panels are not just advanced technology but also aesthetics. With various options for leather, wood, and glass, you can perfectly match the panel to your interior, highlighting its unique character.

Non-Invasive Installation

The panel’s installation is entirely non-invasive. Mounting takes place in regular electrical boxes, without the need for screws, latches, plastering, or finishing work. It’s a quick and convenient solution that doesn’t disrupt the aesthetics of your interior.

Smart Panels with a Natural Wood Finish

Our latest product series is a real treat for wood elegance enthusiasts. We present Smart Panels available in two new variants: light and dark wood. The wide choice of various finishing materials for this product allows for adaptation to any interior, creating a unique atmosphere. Discover how you can emphasize the character of your home with our elegant Smart Panels.

Ergonomic Design and Compact Dimensions

Thanks to their compact dimensions and full configurability, our Smart Panels are extremely ergonomic. They provide the comfort and functionality you need in everyday use.

Replace All Controllers in Your Home

The flagship panel can easily replace any controllers in your home, taking control of lighting, roller shutters, thermostat, ventilation, or air conditioning. Its versatility allows for an endless number of functions, and easy configuration adapts it to your individual needs.

Grenton Smart Panel
is a flagship touch panel
with an OLED display

Voice Control with myGrenton

We have introduced software that enables voice control of the home on iOS and Android devices. It’s an innovative solution that enhances the comfort of living in a smart home. Here are the new features waiting for users:


New for iOS:

  • Integration of myGrenton with the Shortcuts app allows the use of Siri for voice control.
  • Voice activation of scenes – now all you have to say is “Hey Siri, Turn On Cinema!”.
  • Adding shortcuts to the home screen for quick access, for example, “open the gate”.
  • Ability to use native automations to invoke shortcuts based on location, such as opening the gate as you approach the home.


New for Android:

  • Adding shortcuts to the home screen for quick access to myGrenton, for example, “activate the leaving home scene”.
  • Voice activation of scenes – just say “Ok Google, open the gate”.


With myGrenton, home control becomes even simpler and more intuitive. Harness the potential of voice control and enjoy full mastery.

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