Roller Shutter Z-Wave 

Grenton Roller Shutter Z-Wave module allows for the control of blinds or roller shutter drives (e.g. external blinds, internal blinds, curtains, awnings), enables the connection of 2 digital inputs to the system, and supports the connection of one digital 1-Wire temperature sensor.

SKU: RSH-202-Z-01
EAN: 5902983719823

The Grenton Roller Shutter Z-Wave module supports functionalities for controlling the movement of blinds or roller shutters up/down, their percentage level of opening, and the slat tilt level. Additionally, it allows to connect 2 independent elements containing a contact input (e.g. classic switches, motion, smoke or flood sensors) and one temperature sensor using 1-Wire.



power supply AC:
100-265V (50/60 Hz)
maximum power consumption:
0,8 W
maximum load voltage:
265 Vac
rated load for AC1 circuit:
16A / 265 Vac summary, 16A channel 1 (O1), 8A channel 2 (O2)
maximum power (1 phase motor UL508):
1,0hp / 265 Vac / channel
maximum wire cross-section for outputs:
2.5 mm²
maximum wire cross-section for inputs:
1.5 mm²
dimensions (h/w/d):
22/46/37 mm
operational temperature range:
0-45 °C