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Home automation system proven in thousands of implementations.

Grenton Smart Home
is a system:


Combines control, automation, and integration functions. Allows for the creation of a single, coherent, integrated home management system. Installed and configured by certified installers.


Execution modules available in DIN rail and flush-mounted versions, additionally touch control panels. One intuitive configuration application for the installer. A mobile app for the end-user to control the entire house.


Reliable wired connection, based on the dedicated TF-Bus protocol and Ethernet, complemented by wireless modules, based on proven WiFi and Z-Wave standards.

Easy to Configure

Intuitive configuration application Object Manager: a hands-free process for detecting and adding modules to the project, graphical tools for configuration, script creation, and user interface generation for the mobile application.

Remotely Controlled

The myGrenton mobile app, available on iOS and Android platforms. Adapted for each investment, with the possibility of creating different interfaces for each household member.

Open for Integrations

Open to communication with the entire home ecosystem. It communicates with other systems, devices, sensors, online data, and applications. Uses protocols such as Modbus and HTTP.

Grenton – the professional home automation system, replaces and complements traditional installations.

It allows for the integration of all installations and devices into one coherent, integrated, and fully automated home control system. It enables automation of events throughout the house, as well as direct management by the user: via touch panels or a mobile app – locally or remotely.


Designed for installation and configuration by certified installers. It includes dedicated configuration and diagnostic tools that facilitate the configuration and maintenance process.

The Grenton system means a comprehensive solution for both residential and commercial investments.

It is suitable for houses, residences, and apartments, but also for hotels, offices, and public utility places. It offers a complete portfolio of home automation modules mounted on DIN rails. The most popular modules are also available in a flush-mounted version.


Complementing these are: a wide selection of stylish touch panels, available in various finishes, the flagship multifunctional Smart Panel – equipped with an OLED display, an application for system configuration, a mobile application for system control, and the Grenton Multisensor – a set of the most essential sensors integrated into one device.

Hybrid: wired where possible, wireless where necessary.

The Grenton system combines the advantages of wired and wireless systems. It is designed to ensure communication speed and stability – a flagship feature of wired systems. It’s also prepared for wireless solutions where the use of a wired bus is not possible or where non-invasive expansion of the system to additional rooms is expected.


Grenton means the ideal solution for newly designed installations in new or renovated buildings.


Installations in existing buildings and apartments, without intervening in the walls, are supported by wireless Z-Wave and WiFi modules.

Innovative and unique Distributed Logic technology ensures the system operates even if the central unit is disconnected.

This is how a modern system setting market standards works. It combines the best features of distributed systems – reliability and fault tolerance, with centralized ones – ease and speed of configuration.

Grenton Object Manager is a tool for intuitive and easy system configuration.

The full system configuration is done in one application, available without additional fees and licenses for Windows, OS Mac, and Linux. It’s a comprehensive configuration and diagnostic tool. The configuration itself is simplified and automated based on, among others:


  • CLU Discovery – automatic module identification and addressing,
  • Visual Script Builder – a graphical editor for system automation algorithms,
  • Connections Diagram – visual presentation of logical configuration connections,
  • myGrenton Builder – a drag&drop mobile application creator for system control,
  • Virtual Objects – ready-made objects that speed up and ensure correct configuration.


For those looking for unlimited configuration and integration possibilities, programming in open LUA code is also possible.

Control over home available though myGrenton app and stylish panels.

The myGrenton app created for iOS and Android can be individually configured – for each user separately. It can operate locally or communicate with the home using encrypted communication with the cloud. It allows safe and remote control of all system elements – including lighting, roller shutters, and temperature.


The Smart Panel is a flagship panel with an OLED display, gesture sensor, and proximity sensor, which replaces any controllers in the home – lighting, roller shutters, thermostat, ventilation, or air conditioning. It can handle countless functions and is easily configurable.


Touch Panels complement the portfolio of panels and contribute to its uniqueness. Each of them can be matched to the interior, thanks to a constantly growing group of finishing materials: glass, natural wood, and leather.


All panels are equipped with temperature and light intensity sensors.

Grenton Smart Panel
is a flagship touch panel
with an OLED display

Sensors – the senses of the home, they identify important events and measure essential home parameters.

Integrated with them, the Grenton system automates home behaviors and allows for immediate responses, increasing safety and living comfort. It reacts automatically to what happens in the house and its surroundings.


The Grenton Multisensor powers the system with parameters from 7 built-in sensors: sound, CO2, odor, humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and light. Thanks to the integrated infrared transmitter, it also replaces all household remotes.


Each of the Grenton touch panels is also equipped with a temperature and light intensity sensor. There’s no need to use them additionally in the room.

The system’s open architecture and available communication protocols support integrations with other systems, devices, data, and applications.

Grenton Integrations means modules such as: Gate Alarm, Gate Http, Gate Modbus, DALI Controller, Multisensor with IR controller; communication protocols like Modbus, HTTP, Z-Wave, DALI, 1-wire; objects, scripts, instructions for native integrations; a community of installers and enthusiasts sharing their experience in creating their individual integrations based on the LUA language.

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