Grenton means
a system that connects
all sensors

Temperature sensors, light intensity, flooding, presence, motion, smoke, humidity, rain, wind, and others.
With Grenton, you can use them all.

In a modern and automated home, safety and comfort are supported by sensors.

Modern home with sensors

A modern home constantly receives data from presence sensors, motion, window opening, flooding, carbon monoxide concentration, watering, rain, wind speed, and others. Combined with the Grenton system, it responds automatically to what happens inside it and in its surroundings, allowing for immediate reactions, increasing the safety and comfort of the inhabitants.

Traditional home without sensors

Traditional installations and systems do not communicate with each other. An additional lack of sensors does not allow for their optimal use. As a result, individual areas of the home are controlled independently, inefficiently, and without dependencies, e.g., on weather conditions or parameters inside the home.

Most popular sensors and their use in home automation systems:

Rain Sensor

When it starts to rain, it will automatically retract the awnings and close the roof windows to avoid flooding.

Temperature Sensor

It will ensure the ideal temperature in the apartment and automatically close the roller shutters when the outside air cools down at night.

Motion Sensor

It will turn on the light when you go to the bathroom at night, warn you of a thief, and automatically turn on the lamp in front of the house.

Flood Sensor

When it detects flooding in a room, it will shut off the main valve and send a push notification about the threat.

Soil Moisture Sensor

It will automatically activate the irrigation system when the garden soil dries up.

Light Sensor

It will ensure consistent lighting in a room, regardless of the time of day.

Smoke Sensor

When it detects smoke, it will immediately close the main gas valve, turn on all lights, and activate the alarm.

Wind Sensor

It will retract the awnings when a storm blows. In winter, it will close the roller shutters from the direction the wind is coming from.

Carbon Dioxide Sensor

When it detects a high concentration of CO2, it will turn off the furnace, start ventilation, and inform you about the problem.

Window Opening Sensor

When you open a window, it will turn off the heating and air conditioning to reduce energy loss.

Humidity Sensor

It will automatically increase ventilation in the bathroom when it detects excess moisture during a hot bath.

Distance Sensor

It will prevents the gate from opening when a car is detected parked in the driveway.

and many more!

The choice of sensors you opt for is entirely up to you.

Grenton Multisensor is
one device and many applications

IR Transmitter
It will allow you to turn the TV on and off through the app, replacing the regular infrared remote. It allows encoding from the remote of any device, up to 100 codes in NEC encoding. It transmits with a signal strength of over 2W and an angle of over 120° – several times greater than the average remote.
Sound Sensor
It will send a signal to you if the tenants are too loud. It measures the level of sound intensity in the range of 30-130 dB with an accuracy of +/-3 dB and a resolution of 0.1 dB.
CO2 Sensor
It will inform you about elevated CO2 levels and start ventilation. It measures CO2 concentration originating from living organisms. It operates in a wide concentration range of 400-60000 ppm with an accuracy of +/-10%.
Odor Sensor
It will start ventilation or the kitchen hood. It measures the concentration of TVOC – volatile organic compounds. It operates in a wide concentration range of 0-60000 ppm with an accuracy of +/-15%.
Humidity Sensor
It will start a humidifier or air dryer. It measures air humidity in the range of 0-100% RH (without condensation) with an accuracy of +/-5% RH and a resolution of 0.1% RH.
Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
It will inform about an upcoming weather change. It measures atmospheric pressure levels in the range of 300 to 1100 hPa with an accuracy of +/-2 hPa and a resolution of 0.1 hPa.
Temperature Sensor
It will ensure the appropriate temperature in the house. It measures air temperature in the range of 0-45°C with an accuracy of +/- 0.5% and a resolution of 0.1°C.
Light Sensor
It will adjust lighting to the level of interior sunlight. It measures the level of light intensity in the range of 0-15000 lx, with an accuracy of +/-10% and a resolution of 0.1 lx.

Sensor integrations

The Grenton system uses modules that support system integration with sensors and household devices. Utilizing protocols such as Modbus, 1-Wire, Z-Wave, HTTP, the home automation system becomes the central element of the home ecosystem.


This allows even the most advanced integrations.