Grenton means

All devices in one system.

Integrations with Grenton

Grenton represents an innovative approach to integrating the home automation system with the entire home ecosystem. Traditional installations and household devices, sensors, applications, and any data from the Internet can easily be connected and utilized in one system – Grenton.


To achieve this, dedicated modules are used: Gate Alarm, Gate HTTP, Gate Modbus, and Dali Controller, along with supported communication protocols such as Modbus and HTTP. Communication with Z-Wave and DALI devices is possible. With the use of the Grenton Multisensor, communication is possible with all devices controlled by traditional infrared (IR) remotes.

What can be integrated with Grenton?

The open architecture of the Grenton system supports both ready-to-use and dedicated, individual integrations.

Ready-to-use Integrations

Within Grenton, pre-configured integrations are available with the most important home systems – primarily popular alarm centers such as Satel and Jablotron, multi-room audio systems like Sonos, Denon, Marantz, or Yamaha, and with gate, roller shutters, and window controllers from Fakro. The area is supported by dedicated hardware solutions – integration modules, and software – ready-made virtual objects.

Open Integrations

The system supports the creation of dedicated integrations with any home devices. Thanks to the unique, open architecture of the Grenton system, it is possible to implement your own versions of integrations. Direct programming in the LUA language is also available, where even complex dependencies take up a few lines of code instead of several pages of blocks and connections.

Modules dedicated
for integration

Integration utilizes popular communication protocols including HTTP, Modbus, Z-Wave, Dali, and 1-Wire. With them, you can integrate most popular systems and devices found in homes.

Most popular integrations
with other systems and devices.
Examples and benefits:

Example device brands popularly integrated with Grenton

Sample integrations
using online data
and other applications.

Use cases and benefits:

Weather forecast

to automatically adjust the home heating schedule.

The angle of sunlight rays

to automatically set the blinds and shade the room.

Electricity price

to reduce energy consumption when the price is highest.

City traffic jams

to know the commute time to work in the “exit scene.”

Google Calendar

to automatically adjust home behavior to your home office.

Air quality

to turn on ventilation only when the outside air is clean.

Currency exchange rate

to display the current exchange rate on the smart panel in the office.

and others

only your imagination limits you.

Grenton offers integration with popular DIY and Open Source solutions.

Grenton doesn't limit you in using solutions created by users for users, for example:

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