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Grenton means:


professional installers


system users


annual smart home market growth

Why is it worth cooperating with Grenton?

Modern Home Standard

Grenton means the standard of modern installations in every home. Developed based on thousands of implementations.

Reliability and Security

The best electronic components, rigorously tested software, and secure communication inside and outside the home.

Expert Support

Business and technical support. Access to trainings, instructions, guidelines, and a community of installers and system enthusiasts.

Complete System

A professional system designed to handle all areas of smart home: convenient control, modern automations, and integration.

Complementary Offer

Grenton complements the products and services portfolio of installers, architects, developers, distributors, and many others.


A wide selection of stylish touch panels. Available in various finishes to match any interior.


Expand your offer with a professional smart home solution and complement your existing service portfolio.


The system meets the needs of specialists in:


  • electrical installations,
  • alarm and monitoring system installations,
  • photovoltaic installations and heat pump installations,
  • telecommunications installations,
  • audio-video installations,
  • LAN networks,
  • Internet of Things (IoT),

and many others!

Sample Projects

Eutymia House, Poland
LC LATOS, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

Miedziana Góra House, Poland
AV INSTAL, Kielce, Poland

Bardowscy House, Poland
OMRA, Wrocław, Poland

Show Home, Keno Home, Gliwice, Poland

MasterCard, Romexpo, Romania

Hulakula Entertainment Center, Poland, Warsaw

Starbucks, Cyprus
ACIS Fire&Security

Authorized Dealers

Build your business with us. Generate revenue from the dynamically growing smart home category. Use the proven dealership business model. Benefit from the support and sales contacts provided by Grenton. Join the group of Authorized Grenton Dealers.


With Grenton:


  • create a network of flagship Grenton Smart Home showrooms, with support in planning and designing,
  • design a coherent sales path and use the jointly developed tools,
  • get support for your local activities,
  • participate in advanced and supplementary trainings for free.
Sample Grenton Smart Home Showrooms

Strefa Instalatora, Warsaw, Poland

S2M, Opolskie Voivodeship, Poland

IPbud, Lublin, Poland

Lux-Instal, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland

Inteliors, Suwalki, Poland

El-bol, Jaslo, Poland

Flash Group, Radom, Poland

EL-EL Smart Home, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Ekoinstal SD, Bialystok, Poland

A Place for Your
Grenton Smart Home Showroom

Architects and Interior Designers

If modernity, stylish design, and functionality are priorities in your projects, include a home automation system in each one. Grenton experts and partners will take care of everything for you, from start to finish.


Why is it worth it?


  • a home designed with the Grenton system will be energy-efficient and optimize the consumption of produced energy,
  • modern, designer touch panels and a personally configured application for mobile devices will allow easy system operation,
  • the flexibility and limitless integrations mean the system can cater to the various needs of your clients,


Start cooperating – benefit from the manufacturer’s support in creating automation concepts and get help from local partners with many years of experience and a complementary offer.


Receive assistance at every stage of the project!

Sample Demonstration Spaces

Nestino, Krakow, Poland

Inteliors, Suwalki, Poland

IPBud, Lublin, Poland

Rygel, Nowy Targ, Poland

Aparthotel Narciarska 2, Korbielow, Poland

Ad Smart Tech, Bucharest, Romania

Real-estate Developers

Home automation is the standard of modern investments and significantly increases their market value. Using the Grenton Smart Home System allows for the introduction of basic functionalities, which the investor can develop over time and at their own discretion.


  • increase the attractiveness and functionality of the property, using modern technology,
  • reduce investment costs by applying smart home ready installations,
  • install smart home at every stage of the investment,
  • enhance safety, e.g., fire protection, prevent flooding.


The Grenton Smart Home System is used in both small and large developer investments, modular homes, as well as hotels, resorts, and offices.

Selected residential, hotel, and commercial projects

Duna Terasz Grande, Hungary

790 apartments with Grenton, controlling lighting, temperature, and blinds. Additionally, 19 commercial premises and a marina on the Danube.

Podgorica, Montenegro

Complex of 198 apartments with Grenton. One of the first developer smart home investments in Montenegro.

Wuwart, Poland

Exclusive complex of 20 apartments equipped with the Grenton system. Each with a rooftop terrace garage and shared gym.

Microsoft office, Nigeria

Lighting and temperature control in an office building used among others by Microsoft.

MasterCard, Expo, Rumania

Control of the MasterCard exhibition space in an expo center.

Futuria Maslice, Poland

156 apartments private park charging station for electric vehicles and Grenton system available for all residents.

Brzozowy Zakątek, Poland

110 apartments managed by the Smart Home Grenton System in the prestigious Wilanów Town in Warsaw.

Młyn nad Cybiną, Poland

134 apartments and common area (including elevator and garage lighting management) of an exclusive estate controlled by Grenton.

Lemon Resort & Spa, Poland

20 two-level hotel apartments with light and temperature control from Grenton.

Hulakula, Poland

Entertainment and recreation center with bowling alley game room and dance floor with lighting control from Grenton.

Starbucks, Cyprus

Top Starbucks coffee shop in a shopping center with lighting control from Grenton.

The Loft Hotel, Poland

29 apartments in a 4-star hotel with lighting, air conditioning, blinds, TV, presence control, and hotel services.

Aparthotel, Poland

19 apartments fully controlled by Grenton. Additionally, sauna visit reservations and control of the common area.

Keno Home modular homes

Complete smart home system for all series of Keno Home modular houses.

Białowieża Enclave, Poland

A combination of an apartment complex with a view of the forest and a recreation and conference center. Grenton controls lighting, heating, sockets, and ensures security.

Pradom 700, Poland

Intimate estate with premium homes. Turnkey finished and fully equipped by the developer, including the Smart Home Grenton System.

Topolowa Aparthotel, Poland

Boutique aparthotel with control of lighting, heating, air conditioning, and TV system from Grenton.

Production hall, Poland

In a car wash factory with an area of 5,000 sq.m. Grenton is used for LED lighting control and integration with safety and evacuation systems.

…and more

Contact us. At the meeting, we will gladly tell you more, including about ongoing projects.


The dynamic development of the home automation market and modern construction standards necessitates the continuous expansion of the product portfolio in the smart home category. The Grenton system complements products in the areas of:


  • roller shutters control,
  • heating and lighting control,
  • alarm and monitoring systems,
  • energy management systems,
  • audio-video,


and many others.


Introducing a new product is not easy, so you will receive business and technical support, training assistance, and comprehensive information about the system. All with your customers in mind.

Sample Distributors

Al-Alameya Group, Saudi Arabia

Powerec Global Services Nigeria Limited, Nigeria

Osec B.V., Netherlands

Lucid Source, Iraq

Hometech, Greece

Reykjafell ehf., Iceland

Noby AS, Norway

Eltrox, Poland

AD SMART Technology Integration SRL, Romania

Sectron D.O.O, Serbia

LLC Disens, Ukraine

Business Partners

Among Grenton’s partners, you will find companies from various categories: providers of photovoltaic systems, start-ups creating software, manufacturers of complementary smart products.


Grenton also collaborates with universities including the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Lodz University of Technology, Bialystok University of Technology, Czestochowa University of Technology, and Silesian University of Technology.


Do you have a compatible product and would you like to integrate it with the Grenton system? Do you have clients interested in smart homes? Or perhaps you work with students who are interested in automation? Do you have another idea for joint actions? Get in touch!


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • We cooperate in various areas and we are always open to conversation. If you have an idea for business, promotion, training, or other joint activities, contact us through the form.

  • The Grenton Smart Home System means a hybrid system that allows you to use both wired and wireless solutions, depending on the requirements of the investment itself. If the information on the page is not sufficient and you have more questions, we invite you to contact us.

  • Grenton provides not only business support. Technical support is available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (CET). Additionally, we provide a complete set of necessary materials, train and teach training, and help with daily challenges.

  • We invite you to check the “Where to Buy” tab, in which our map is located. You will find showrooms there, as well as information about Partners, many of whom have demonstration spaces.

    We also invite you to our Social Media, where every month we inform about fairs and events where our representatives will appear.

  • We are already on 3 continents and have distributors in over 30 countries. Together with them, we conduct regular trainings and educational activities. Need more information? Write to us.

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