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Join the group of certified installers of the Grenton Smart Home System. Install home automation solutions – the standard of modern homes.

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Leverage the potential of the rapidly growing smart home market. Choose technology that has been tested in thousands of implementations, used by the best installation companies in Europe and worldwide.

Start Quickly

Start with Grenton trainings, without additional investments. Attend a full-day training session, get to know the basics, and configure your first system. Expand your knowledge with additional trainings.

Benefit from Support

With Grenton, you’ll receive assistance at every stage of the project. In addition to comprehensive technical support and trainings, you’ll receive individual help from advisors in sales and customer service.

3 steps to become
a Grenton installer:

1. Participate in basic training

2. Sign a contract and get a discount

3. Create an account in the B2B store

Choose a home automation system, designed from the ground up for installation and configuration by certified installers.

Every Investment

The Grenton system means a solution for both residential and commercial investments. It works in homes, residences, and apartments, but also in hotels, offices, and public utility places.

Complete Solution

The system includes: execution modules in DIN rail and flush-mounted versions, touch control panels. One intuitive configuration application for the installer. A mobile application for the end customer to control the entire house.

Hybrid Communication

Grenton means a reliable wired connection based on the dedicated TF-Bus bus and Ethernet, complemented by wireless modules based on proven WiFi and Z-Wave standards. It’s a solution for projects requiring flexibility.

Easy Configuration

The intuitive configuration application guarantees: a maintenance-free process of detecting and adding modules to the project, graphical tools for configuration, creating scripts, and generating mobile app interfaces, including virtual object functionality – simplifying the configuration to a few clicks.

Regular Updates

The system is constantly being developed based on user needs and suggestions from Grenton installers. Caring for the systems already installed and operating with users, and those planned, regularly updated system software and new modules complementing the offer are provided.

Grenton Community

Certified installers, sympathizers, and enthusiasts of the Grenton system create a several-thousand-strong group of actively supporting individuals. In addition to Grenton’s technical support, you can always count on the support of this community. Over 8,000 participants of the Grenton Group on FB have already experienced this.

Grenton means a professional home automation system. It replaces and complements traditional installations, expands and integrates all systems in the house.

It means a reliable, stable system that is easy to configure, allowing for the implementation of modern home management, utilizing the mechanisms and advantages of home automation, and integration with other systems in the house.

You receive support in daily challenges, full technical and business support.

Direct Contact

Experts are available when others are unreachable. You receive support from Grenton Experts, Authorized Dealers, and trained distributor employees worldwide. It’s assistance at every stage of the project.

Knowledge and Materials

You get access to training, the Grenton Academy, and tutorials on YouTube. You can also use the online Knowledge Base with system documentation, instructions, diagrams, installation guidelines, and integration tips.


The Grenton group on Facebook consists of thousands of enthusiasts and practitioners, eager to share advice and inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • It depends on a country you are from. The first and foremost, you need to complete a certified installer training. Once completed, you can sign a partnership agreement with our local distributor or us, which entitles you to use materials we have prepared.

  • The training lasts about 8 hours and includes blocks where you will learn to design a smart home system, perform a correct installation, select devices according to control needs, and create logics. You will also get to know the basics of programming and learn how to sell the system and build a strong brand for your company.

  • It depends on a region and country. The best way is to contact us at the following form and you will then will be informed about available dates and locations.

  • You can get Grenton products from our local partners, distributors or directly from us at our B2B store at You can find the list of distributors in the “Where to Buy” tab.

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