Touch Panel 4B Custom Icons White

Surface mounted 4 buttons (touchpads) panel equipped with temperature sensor and individually selected pictograms printed on the glass.

SKU: TPA-404-T-02
EAN: 5902983719403
Wall panel
TF Bus

Replaces traditional Light Switches with modern glass Touch Panels. The pictograms additionally describe the function of every touch field.

The selection of panel colour, pictograms and its order is carried out using the convenient Internet tool: Panel Builder


  • 4 programmable touchpads (“buttons”)
  • each button can handle up to 4 independent functions
  • each touchpad can be marked with an individually selected pictogram
  • comes with a built-in temperature sensor
  • comes with a built-in light intensity sensor
  • built-in buzzer
  • equipped with indicators that inform about the status of each of the buttons
  • very simple installation
  • each button can indicate proper operation or notify about errors: Show OK and Show ERROR features
  • allows to monitor the TF-Bus voltage
  • allows design pictograms using Panel Builder ->


DC power supply:
5-24 V
maximum device current (@24V):
7 mA
114 g
dimensions (h/w/d):
80/80/18 mm
operational temperature range:
0 – 40 °C