Lighting controllers

Dimmer FM

Universal transistor dimmer module enables smooth control of the light intensity level.

SKU: DIM-231-T-01
EAN: 5902983719717
TF Bus


  • Dims incandescent light sources
  • Dims LED light sources


device power supply:
24 V
maximal power consumption:
0.36 W
maximal device current: 15 mA
15 mA
maximal load current:
0.87 A
maximal impulse load current RMS (20ms):
1.5 A
maximal resistive load (AC1):
200 W
maximal dimmable LED load:
100 VA
rated load voltage:
230 Vac
maximal load voltage:
277 Vac
max. wire cross section
2.5 mm2
27 g
dimensions (H/W/D):
22/37/46 mm
operating temperature range:
0 do +45 °C