CLU Z-Wave

The main module of the Grenton system for DIN rail mounting – CLU (common logic unit) with a Z-Wave wireless communication interface.

SKU: CLU-200-E-00
EAN: 5902983719083
DIN rail
TF Bus

The Common Logic Unit (CLU) module is the central unit of the Grenton hybrid (wired – wireless) system. It handles device logics and stores configurations (e.g. button configuration, light scenes, logic, scenarios). CLU communicates with the other extension modules included in the Smart Home via wire bus (Grenton TF-Bus) and by Z-wave radio if necessary. In larger and more advanced systems it is also possible to build a grid of CLUs by connecticg them through an Ethernet interface.


  • stores Smart Home System configurations
  • is responsible for all computing tasks
  • stores user data locally (privacy)
  • enables connecting the system to the Internet (remote management of a Smart Home)
  • communicates with the other elements of the Grenton system over the wire or wireless interfaces
  • enables connecting up to 48 modules (or 400 objects) on the system bus – TF-Bus
  • communicates with subsequent CLU modules for building larger systems (scalability)
  • equipped with Z-Wave radio interface (e.g. for connecting blinds and FAKRO roof windows)
  • an Ethernet port for connecting to the Internet and local network


DC power supply:
24 V
maximum power consumption:
2.4 W
maximum device current (@24V):
100 mA
maximum wire cross section:
2.5 mm²
maximal radio power:
1 mW
145 g
size (DIN):
dimensions (h/w/d):
58/71/90 mm
perational temperature range:
0 – 45 °C