Grenton Smart Home System in the aparthotel, Polish mountain resort.

Aparthotel Narciarska 2 is an exceptionally modern facility equipped with a professional Grenton Smart Home System. The property is located at the foot of the picturesque Pilsko Mountain, just 20 meters away from the lower chairlift station and the illuminated ski slope.

Published 02.10.2023 15:55 – 6 min

Advanced Grenton Smart Home Solutions in the Aparthotel.

The Narciarska 2 property is equipped with the advanced Grenton Smart Home System, consisting of 22 CLU units and over 200 executive modules, such as Relay x4, Roller Shutter, Led RGBW, and Gate HTTP. Thanks to the Grenton smart home, it’s possible to control all building functions, from lighting and heating in the apartments to communal areas, saunas, and the swimming pool. Furthermore, the Grenton Smart Home System is fully integrated with the alarm system, access system, and fire protection system.


Main integrations and functionalities of the smart home that were incorporated in this project include:   


  • Heating: Using thermostats, the smart home system dynamically adjusts the temperature in individual apartments, analyzing weather data to optimize energy consumption.
  • Smart Lighting: The hotel’s lighting adapts to guests’ needs, integrated with a lighting management system through protocols like Z-Wave. Features like programmed lighting scenes create a unique and cozy ambiance.
  • Water Zone – Pool and SPA: Equipped with automatic temperature and humidity sensors, pH controllers, and filtration systems, the water zone provides luxury and comfort with smart home technology. Dynamic management of water temperature, circulation, and quality ensures optimal relaxation conditions.
  • Safety and Privacy: The advanced access control system in the Aparthotel integrates cameras, alarms, and manages authorizations. Encrypted connections and compliance with data protection regulations ensure safety and privacy.
  • Luxury at Your Fingertips: Hotel reservations and services are accessible directly from the apartment via smart panels and a mobile app. Personalization of settings and integration with hotel services ensure that luxury is always within reach.
  • Monitoring and Communication: Modern video monitoring systems and intercoms offer additional protection and comfort. Video transmission and audio communication allow guests to feel secure.
  • Door and Window Control: Smart door and window control allows for automatic management of these components. Open/close sensors and access control systems provide additional security.
  • Safety Sensors: The Grenton Smart Home system is integrated with sensors that monitor air quality and detect smoke and flooding. Guests can feel safe knowing that the system is looking after their health and safety.
  • Fire Protection: An integrated smart home system with smoke, temperature sensors, and sprinkler systems ensures top-level safety, including communication with local fire services.

Modern Hotel Illustrated by Aparthotel Narciarska 2 & the Grenton Smart Home System.

A modern aparthotel offers 19 comfortable apartments, a spa, and an outdoor pool. Each apartment ensures complete independence and a sense of privacy, while the carefully refined aesthetics create a homely warmth. The aparthotel is a place where modernity meets tradition, and the Grenton Smart Home System is at the heart of this facility. An added benefit are the Smart Panels available in every apartment. They allow not just the control of lighting and temperature, but also the reservation of saunas, setting alarms, or checking current ski slope conditions. It’s also worth noting that the smart home system works in conjunction with a photovoltaic installation, ensuring optimal use of electrical energy, for example, to heat the pool water.

How else can the Smart Home Grenton System be utilized?

  • Roller Blinds Control in Hotel Facilities: The ability to control roller blinds in hotel establishments would allow for individualized adjustments based on guest needs and specific situations such as events or conferences. With the advanced programming of the Grenton smart home system and integration with other systems, roller blinds can effectively support cooling in the summer and minimize heat loss in the winter.
  • Socket Control in Hotel Facilities: Controlling sockets in hotel facilities and their automatic shutdown would not only lead to energy savings but also enhance the safety of the entire establishment. With the ability to manage sockets using the myGrenton application, hotel staff could quickly disconnect power in any room in situations such as a storm or a device left on by a guest.
  • Integration of Temperature and Climate Control Systems in Hotel Facilities: Combining systems responsible for temperature and climate control in hotel facilities into one coherent system would result in significant energy savings. With Smart Home Grenton, which would act as an advanced heating controller in the hotel, it would be possible to coordinate the operation of the heat pump, solar collectors, gas furnace, underfloor heating, and ventilation.
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