Modern housing estate with smart home installation in Hungary.

Duna Terasz Grande stands as one of the largest and most exclusive residential complexes in Hungary. Located in Budapest, along the banks of the Danube River and adjacent to the Foka Bay, the development boasts a total of 790 residences and 19 commercial establishments.

Published 06.03.2023 14:08 – 6 min

Modern Duna Terasz Grande & Grenton Smart Home

The building complex designed by Vadász Építész Stúdió and Óbuda Építész Stúdió merges modern architectural style with cutting-edge technology. All apartments have been equipped with the Grenton Smart Home System. The primary features of the smart home implemented in this project include:


  • Light Control: Residents can control the lighting in all rooms using a phone, tablet, or Smart Panel. They have the ability to adjust the light intensity or simply turn it on and off from wherever they are.
  • Roller Shutters Control: Control of both external and internal roller shutters. With the option to set individual scenarios, this feature automatically raises and lowers shutters daily based on residents’ preferences.
  • Temperature Control: Within the entire apartment, residents can use the myGrenton app to regulate the temperature in the air conditioning and heaters. This helps optimize energy consumption in apartments and the associated costs.

Inhabitants of the modern estate also had the opportunity for individual system expansion and personalization of functionalities to suit their needs. As a result, in some apartments, the Grenton system was used in a much more extensive manner.

Duna Terasz Grande housing estate

This project encompasses over 790 apartments and 19 commercial premises, covering a total area of over two hectares. It is currently one of the largest housing estates in Hungary, constructed in one place and at the same time as part of a single project.

The architectural concept primarily took into account the proximity of water and the surrounding greenery. To seamlessly integrate the design into its natural environment, the buildings were constructed following modern architectural principles. Environmentally friendly and eco-conscious solutions were employed, ensuring that the estate does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere.

The Duna Terasz Grande estate is equipped with a smart home system and an energy-efficient, ceiling-based heating and cooling system for the buildings. Thanks to cutting-edge solutions like environmentally-conscious construction, apartment automation, and proximity to service and recreational points, the estate perfectly aligns with the objectives of future-building designs.

How else can the Grenton system be used?

  • Managing Common Areas: This includes access control systems, lighting in shared spaces, and temperature management in publicly accessible places. The entire system can be operated through the myGrenton app.
  • Integration with Flood Sensors: The system will automatically detect threats and swiftly shut off the water supply to the apartment while sending a push notification to the resident.
  • Integration with Smoke Sensors: Upon detecting smoke, the Grenton Smart Home System will immediately activate alarm lighting, sound the alarm, and send a push notification to residents warning of the danger.

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