Smart home in Timber Frame Houses.

Located in Mikolow in the Slaskie province, the ERDOL 3 house boasts a usable area of 130 sq.m. The architectural design encompasses 3 rooms, a kitchen, a combined living room and dining area, a bathroom, and an attic. The foundational structure of the house is made from KVH wood.

Published 02.03.2023 13:21 – 6 min

Home automation by Grenton in the Erdol Haus timber house investment

The discussed timber house was designed with its residents in mind, aiming to provide them with comfortable and spacious interiors equipped with everything they might need. The integration of the Grenton Smart Home system, combined with eco-friendly solutions, has ensured that the house is energy-efficient and operates in perfect harmony with nature. Key features implemented in this investment include:


  • Internal lighting control using the Smart Panel and myGrenton app,
  • External lighting control according to a schedule and the astronomical calendar,
  • Floor heating and electric boiler control,
  • Irrigation system control for lawns and drip lines,
  • Integration with photovoltaic installation,
  • Integration with recuperation,
  • Integration with duct air conditioning,
  • Integration with the indoor sound system,
  • Integration with the alarm system.

Functionalities and integrations of the smart home system are fully customizable according to the residents’ needs.

EDROL HAUS technology

The timber-framed house is a construction where wood is the primary building material. The main technologies used in its construction include:


  • Quadrilateral planed KVH structural wood characterized by its high strength and a low heat conduction coefficient. This wood is resistant to twisting and cracking,
  • High-quality wools and insulating foils used for insulating both internal and external walls,
  • Gypsum-fiber construction boards, representing an innovation that has completely transformed the timber construction industry.


Erdol timber-framed houses are prefabricated, which makes the process swift and efficient. One can move into a prefabricated house in roughly 3 months, which stands as its primary advantage. Prefabrication involves preparing individual parts of the house in a production hall, where the production process lasts less than 3 days. Once the parts are ready, they are transported to the construction site, where the final stage is assembly. This approach reduces the construction duration to a minimum.

Modern home by Erdol Haus & Grenton Smart Home

All Erdol prefabricated houses are eco-friendly, with the main component being KVH wood. Due to the appropriate insulating materials combined with the automated photovoltaic installation and the recuperation system, the house is effectively insulated against heat loss, making it energy-efficient.


The integration of the smart home system, controlling the heating and integration with recuperation, air conditioning, and photovoltaic installation not only allows monitoring of the current energy production and consumption but also ensures maximum self-consumption. It’s worth noting that the Grenton system qualifies as an EMS system.


Moreover, depending on the investor’s needs, the Grenton Smart Home System can be integrated with other devices in the house and adjust schedules and scenarios to individual requirements. An example is the integration with sensors that monitor window states and automatically adjust other systems’ background actions, like automatically turning off the air conditioning when a window is opened. Other popular integrations include car chargers, fireplaces, weather stations, and household appliances. By fully leveraging the advantages of different technologies, the house maintenance costs can be minimized.

How else can the Grenton system be used?

  • Roller shutters control: Allows adjusting the operation of internal and external roller shutters according to individual needs and operation scenarios in specific situations. Proper programming and integration with other systems can provide additional cooling in summer and reduce heat loss in winter.
  • Gate and Wicket Management: Facilitates daily returns home and opening doors for guests or couriers. When combined with camera integration using the myGrenton app, one can control the gate while simultaneously monitoring the premises, regardless of their location.
  • Multisensor Kit Installation: Monitors house parameters and integrates the system with IR devices, all while preserving the interior’s beautiful design.

Erdol Haus is a manufacturer of prefabricated timber-framed houses. They collaborate with Authorized Partners of Pewne Domy and Folrec.


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