The smart home system in a Modular Home.

The Keno Home show house is one of the company’s original modular home designs located in Gliwice. It measures 54 sq. m. and consists of six rooms, including: a living room, a kitchen combined with a dining room, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The house was built using CLT technology.

Published 06.03.2023 14:10 – 6 min

Grenton Smart Home exemplified by Keno Home – what does it do, what functions and applications does it have?

The KENO modular house has been fully automated with the Grenton Smart Home System, aligning perfectly with the standards of sustainable homes of the future. Integrations and functionalities of the smart home that have been included in this project are:


  • Lighting Control: Residents can turn on/off lights, control their intensity in every room, and use lighting scenes from the myGrenton app or a touch panel.
  • Control of Internal and External Blinds: This allows residents to raise and lower blinds remotely using a phone. The smart home system constantly analyzes incoming light and automatically adjusts the blinds accordingly.
  • Energy Consumption Optimization: This provides the ability to control and adjust the temperature in heating circuits based on the building’s heat demand. It even lets users turn off a specific socket throughout the entire house, for instance, if they’re unsure whether they turned off the iron.
  • Integration with Ventilation: In the summer, air conditioning cools the house only when windows are closed. In the winter, heating is turned off during ventilation, thanks to the zonal air conditioning setting.

It’s worth noting that the Grenton Smart Home System can be personalized, and it’s up to the investor to decide which functionalities and integrations can be used in such implementations.

KENO HOME Technology

The modular home has been entirely built from CLT (cross-laminated timber), which serves as a load-bearing construction material in the form of panels and is entirely made of solid wood. It usually consists of 3, 5, or 7 layers of wooden lamellae, which are alternately glued across each other. This layered arrangement ensures high strength in both directions and structural rigidity. The most commonly used wood types are primarily spruce and fir in the C24 strength class.


CLT wood primarily naturally regulates the air humidity in a building, maintaining the same level throughout the year. The modular home guarantees very high fire protection. This is because, in the event of a fire, CLT wood chars from the outside to the inside. The charred layer significantly restricts the oxygen supply, and further burning proceeds very slowly. This protection is considerably higher than in concrete or steel structures.

Energy-efficient house exemplified by Keno Home & Grenton:

Thanks to the use of CLT wood, which is one of the most impermeable wall materials, walls, ceilings, and foundations are so well insulated that in summer the house heats up more slowly, and in winter it cools down, leading to a significant reduction in the building’s energy consumption. The CLT technology contributes to lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, producing much less waste during production than traditional construction. Wood also does not emit electrostatic charges, which reduces the dust level in the modular home.


A modern house with the Grenton smart home system guarantees not only comfort, convenience, and time-saving but also tangible financial benefits that arise from a conscious and automated energy management process. For instance, introducing integrations and optimizing energy consumption (auto-consumption) can reduce annual heating costs by up to 37%.

In practice, this means that the Grenton smart home system controls lighting and heating depending on the presence of people in the rooms.


The smart home system determines when it is worth turning on devices such as air conditioning to adequately cool the living space without overcooling it. It can autonomously decide to turn on/off other devices like the heat pump, hot water tank heater, washing machine, or dishwasher.

How else can the Grenton system be utilized?

  • The integration of systems related to temperature and climate control into one cohesive system can significantly reduce energy consumption. This is because the Grenton Smart Home is also an advanced heating controller, which allows for the integration of a heat pump, solar panels, gas furnace, underfloor heating, and ventilation.
  • Integrating roller shutter controls with weather data also significantly reduces energy consumption costs. On sunny winter days, it’s possible to warm a room by letting in more sunlight through appropriately adjusted louvers, which translates into reduced heating expenses. In the summer, the smart home autonomously adjusts when to close blinds or change the louvers’ arrangement to prevent room overheating. The system knows precisely when to open or close blinds in unoccupied rooms to reduce energy costs.
  • Controlling outlets and their automatic shutoff primarily conserves energy but also enhances home security. By managing the outlets via the myGrenton application, one can disconnect every socket throughout the house in the event of a storm or an iron being left on.

KENO Home belongs to the KENO Group, leading companies in the Renewable Energy Sources industry. This group includes KENO, KENO Energia, Kensol, Emiternet, Frankensolar, and international branches. The entire Group offers a wide range of services, starting from the production of mounting structures, connection switchboards, and smart home systems, through to the sale of complete photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, and HVAC segment devices.


Additionally, their portfolio includes services related to electricity trading, design, training, and the production of modular homes. The company emphasizes the highest quality of products and customer satisfaction. Its priority is to meet the market’s needs in terms of energy efficiency and ecology.


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