The Laurels – Ecological Housing Estate with the Grenton Smart Home System.

The Laurels is an exclusive complex of seven ecological residential houses located in Bagworth, England. Each of these smart homes combines cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices.

Published 29.02.2024 09:17 – 6 min

Eco-Efficiency Project at The Laurels

The Laurels, as part of a private estate, was designed with a priority on ecological energy efficiency, which is reflected in obtaining the highest level of EPC A energy certificates. This achievement is supported by the advanced Grenton Smart Home System, which enables intelligent energy management in homes. The system integrates various home appliances, optimizing energy consumption, which translates into lower carbon footprints and increased energy efficiency. 

Modern house architecture harmonizes with the principles of sustainable development, while offering attractive design and functionality. The interiors are bright and spacious, with open kitchen and bathroom plans, made of ecological materials. High ceilings in the bedrooms ensure natural air circulation, creating a healthy living environment. 

Energy efficiency is also improved by an underfloor heating system, providing comfort with lower energy consumption. Each house in the estate also has a well-sunny garden and a charging point for electric cars, which further emphasizes the commitment to ecological and sustainable solutions. 

Key Features of The Laurels Ecological Development

  • Ultra energy efficiency 
  • Smart home technology 
  • Floor heating 
  • Solar panels 
  • Air conditioning in every room 
  • Heating with a heat pump 
  • Gated community 

Functionalities of the Grenton Smart Some system in The Laureles

The Grenton system enables full integration of various home systems and devices, creating a coherent and easy-to-use environment. Thanks to this, residents can control and manage all aspects of their home from one place, which significantly simplifies everyday life and increases comfort. 

Effective use of energy from photovoltaic panels

Thanks to advanced technology, the Grenton system allows for the effective distribution and use of energy generated by photovoltaic panels. That is, energy 

solar energy can be used to power various home appliances, heating, and charge electric vehicles, which translates into significant energy savings and a reduction in the carbon footprint.  

Managing various heat sources and regulating temperature

  1. The Grenton system offers advanced management of heating systems. This allows you to control various heat sources, such as underfloor heating, radiators or a heat pump. Thanks to intelligent management, the temperature in each room can be adjusted individually, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency. Control of lighting, roller shutters and gates 
  • Lighting: The system allows you to remotely turn the light on and off, create light scenes and automatically adjust the lighting to external and internal conditions. It is also possible to synchronize the lighting with the daily cycle for better comfort and energy efficiency. 


  • Roller shutters and blinds: Using the Grenton system, roller shutters and blinds can be automatically opened and closed, adapting to the time of day or weather conditions. Integration with the lighting system allows you to optimize the use of natural light. 


  • Gates: The system enables remote control of entrance gates, which increases the safety and convenience of users. 

How the Grenton Smart Home System contribute to environmental protection

  • Energy Savings and Cost Reduction: Grenton effectively manages energy consumption in homes, automatically turning off devices when residents are absent, and regulating lighting and air conditioning depending on needs and external conditions. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the system can adjust settings to maximize energy efficiency, which leads to significant reductions in energy and water bills. 
  • Safety and Environmental Protection: Grenton provides advanced safety features that protect both residents and the environment. The system detects potential threats such as flooding, open windows during a storm, or problems with air quality inside the house. If a danger is detected, the system automatically takes steps to minimize the risk, for example by closing windows or activating the ventilation system.
  • Advanced integrations for energy efficiency: The Grenton system uses an innovative approach to integrating various home systems, which allows for holistic energy and resource management. The ability to connect and coordinate heating, cooling and lighting systems, and even systems powered by renewable energy such as solar panels, contributes to optimizing energy consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 
  • Personalization and Automation: The system allows users to personalize settings to reflect their ecological needs and lifestyle. Automation of activities such as optimization of water consumption, temperature management depending on the season or time of day additionally strengthens the commitment to environmental protection.  

    The Laurels is an example of how modern technology can work together with ecological goals while providing a comfortable and safe living environment for its residents. 


To sum up, The Laurels is an example of an innovative combination of luxury housing with ecological initiatives and advanced smart home technologies. Every aspect of the estate, from the Grenton system to high energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, has been designed with sustainability and resident comfort in mind. 


Modern architecture combines with functionality and aesthetics, creating houses that are not only beautiful and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. The Laurels sets new standards in the field of ecological housing, showing how modern technologies can be used to create a healthy, safe and ecologically responsible 

environment. This estate is proof that luxury living can go hand in hand with caring for our planet. 


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