Multisensor Black

Multisensor is an innovative product that extends the possibilities of the smart home grenton system. It is a set of many sensors in one device that monitor the microclimate of the building and integrate with the household appliances and audio/video equipment.

SKU: SEN-181-T-0X
EAN: 5902983719670
Wall panel
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Grenton Multisensor IR reads many environmental parameters, such as: temperature, humidity, CO2, unpleasant odors, atmospheric pressure, sound and light intensity. The device also has an IR (infrared) transmitter that allows you to control external devices, including audio, TV and air conditioning. The comprehensive control interface enables easy and quick parameter control. The product is intended for people who already use the Grenton Smart Home System, as well as those who are just thinking about installation.


  • control the air humidity
  • increase control over noise levels
  • optimize lighting usage
  • manage heating and air conditioning
  • allow for control of Hi-Fi equipment and TV with infrared (IR) signals
  • enable control of parameters using the Smart Panel or the myGrenton app


temperature sensor:
0 do +45 °C +/-0,5 °C przy 25 °C
humidity sensor:
0 do 100 (Non-Condens.) %RH +/-5 %RH
atmospheric pressure sensor:
300 do 1100 hPa +/-2 hPa
CO2 sensor (estimated by the H2):
400 do 60000 ppm +/-10 %
TVOC sensor:
0 do 60000 ppb +/-15 %
ambient light sensor:
0 do 15000 lx +/-10 %
sound level sensor:
30 do 130 dB +/-3 dB
IR(Infrared) transceiver:
940 nm, carrier frequency 38 kHz
device power supply
DC 24 Vdc
maximal power consumption:
0,3 W
maximal device current:
14 mA
maximal wire cross section:
1,5 mm2
110 g
dimensions (H/W/D) surface part:
80/80/10 mm, w puszce: Ø 50 mm / h: 22 mm
operating temperature range:
0 do +45 °C