Roller Shutter x3

Shutter control module for DIN rail mounting.

SKU: RSH-203-D-01
EAN: 5902983719571
DIN rail
TF Bus

Roller Shutter module allows to control shutters or roller shutters drives (e.g. external blinds, internal blinds, curtains, curtains, awnings).


  • equipped with three relays control pairs (up / down, left / right)
  • controls the operation of 3 drives (roller shutter, blind, awning, etc.)
  • enables the control of a drive with a maximum power of 690VA per channel
  • supports 230V AC drives
  • has a predefined methods for controlling roller shutters / blinds
  • enables smooth opening control
  • powered directly from the system bus with 24V DC


DC power supply:
24 V
maximum power consumption:
2.4 W
2.4 W maximum device current (@24V):
100 mA
output type:
3680VA, NO, inrush 117 A
maximum channel load:
690 VA
maximum wire cross section:
2.5 mm²
102 g
size (DIN):
dimensions (h/w/d):
58/71/90 mm
operational temperature range:
0-45 °C