Electro-Thermal Actuator NC

Electro-Thermal Actuator in the NC configuration (Normally Closed). The actuator opens when it is powered by 230V. It enables precise control of the room temperature by controlling the supply of hot water to the radiator.

SKU: ACC-014-R-03


  • Thread: M30 x 1,5
  • Force: 100 N (±10%)
  • Very low power consumption in the Open state – 2W
  • In the Close state, it does not draw power
  • “FIRST OPEN” function – facilitating the installation of the actuator
  • Fast opening time – approx. 2 min
  • Working stroke: 4 mm
  • Small dimensions: 40 x 70 x 40 [mm]
  • Visible Open and Close indication


supply voltage:
230 V AC
maximum device current:
200 mA
operational temperature range:
5-60 °C