The function of the Grenton LED RGBW module is to smoothly control the power, color saturation, and hue of the connected LED lighting.

SKU: RGB-201-T-01
EAN: 5902983719144
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The Grenton LED RGBW allows for smooth and complete control of LED lighting and halogen lighting using a PWM signal. The module can function as an LED RGBW lighting controller and also work as a four-channel LED dimmer. It allows for the connection of 2 digital inputs and up to 2 temperature sensors via 1-Wire to the system.


  • smooth dimming and color change of LED lighting
  • supports 12V DC and 24V DC RGBW LED strips
  • enables connection to lighting controlled by PWM signal
  • can function as a 4-channel LED DC dimmer
  • includes two digital inputs for connecting standard switches
  • allows for the connection of 2 temperature sensors


DC power supply:
24 V
maximum power consumption:
0.48 W
maximum device current (@24V):
20 mA
maximum load (for all channels):
12 A
maksymalne obciążenie kanału:
690 VA
maximum wire cross section:
1,5 mm²
30 g
dimensions (h/w/d):
19/45/36 mm
operational temperature range:
0-45 °C