Smart Panel 4B Custom Wood Light 

A four-button touch wall panel, equipped with an OLED display and the ability to control using hand gestures.

SKU: SPS-604-T-02 
EAN: 5902983719885 
Wall panel
TF Bus

Replacing traditional wall switches, grenton smart panel allows you to control not only lighting but also any other device connected to the smart home system. It also provides easy access to the key information from any sensors, system parameters and data on the status and condition of the house. The versatile touch and gestures control interface allows you to easily and quickly control and invoke all functionalities.


  • 4 programmable touch buttons, each of which can perform 4 independent functions
  • detects hand gestures
  • detects people by proximity sensor
  • LEDs signaling the correctness of action execution or errors
  • comes with a built-in temperature sensor
  • comes with a built-in light sensor
  • a powerful OLED display
  • emits sounds
  • unlimited functionality thanks to the programming possibilities

Technical Information

device power supply:
5-24 V
maximal power consumption (24V):
17 mA
maximal device current:
 0,4 W
120 g
dimensions (H/W/D):
80/80/10 mm
operating temperature range:
10 – 35 °C
Humidity range:
40 – 70 %