Touch Panel 4B Custom Black Leather

4 buttons touch wall panel equipped with a temperature sensor.

SKU: TPA-804-T-03
EAN: 5902983719793
Wall panel
TF Bus

Replaces traditional light switches with modern touch panels.


  • 4 programmable touch fields (“buttons”)
  • each touch field can perform up to 4 independent functions
  • has a built-in temperature sensor
  • comes with a built-in light intensity sensor
  • has a built-in buzzer
  • equipped with signaling diodes informing about the working status of each button
  • very simple assembly system
  • each key can signal correct operation or inform about errors (Show OK and Show ERROR functions)
  • enables monitoring of the TF-Bus voltage
  • dark leather finish


DC power supply:
5-24 V
maximum device current (@24V):
7 mA
114 g
dimensions (h/w/d):
80/80/18 mm
operational temperature range:
0 – 40 °C