Roller Shutters

… and additionally, you control: blinds, energy, alarm, multimedia, HVAC devices, gate, garden, and other areas of the home.

of the Grenton Home include:

Comfortable Control

Control devices and areas of your home conveniently. Use stylish panels and the mobile app.

User-friendly Automations

Automate events and functions of the home. For convenience, safety, and comfort – the system will replace you in household tasks.

Complex Integrations

Benefit from integrations with other systems, devices, and sensors. Discover their combined, new functionalities.

Lighting Control

Use automation or turn the lights on and off in each room from the app or central touch panel. Similarly, control the intensity and color of the light. Utilize lighting scenes. Group light points, manage zones.


Thanks to the integration of lighting with sensors, fully utilize the system’s capabilities. Automatically turn off the lights when no one is home and illuminate the driveway at night when you approach the garage.

How does it work?
You use dedicated Grenton modules to control the intensity and color of the light, as well as on/off functions, grouping, integrations, and many more.
Is it worth it?
Setting a home lighting schedule can reduce electricity bills by up to 35%.
Examples of use:

In the hallway

Safely walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. When the motion sensor detects your movement, it will illuminate the path with 20% light intensity.

In the living room

Use the “home cinema scene.” Simultaneously activate the audio-video system, dim the main light, turn on ambient light, and close the roller shutters.

In the kitchen

Control the lighting so that the kitchen workspace is perfectly visible.

At the party

Surprise your friends with mood lighting. Dynamically change the intensity and color of the light, e.g., from “club scene” to “dance scene.”

In the bedroom

Turn off all the lights in the house or adjust their intensity without getting out of bed.

In the bathroom

Choose the light intensity in the bathroom – let it shine at 15% brightness after 11:00 PM.

In the garage

Program the driveway lights to turn on automatically only when you approach the property.

In the garden

Turn on the garden light after sunset thanks to intelligent schedules.

Temperature Control

Control the temperature in your home from anywhere. Connect the air conditioning and furnace to the system and control them from the app or panels.


On a winter morning, the house will raise the temperature so you wake up warm. When you’re not home, it will lower the temperature to avoid generating costs. Before you return, it will raise the temperature again, and just before bedtime, it will ventilate the bedroom.


On a hot day, it will take care of cooling the rooms, utilizing integration with air conditioning and the ventilation system.


The system will adjust the intensity and method of heating or cooling rooms. It will automatically set the level of blinds and the angle of the slats to naturally heat or cool the room depending on the time of year and the geographical location of the room – differently “from the south,” differently “from the west.”

How does it work?
You make use of advanced integrations between systems and sensors, utilizing thermostat controls and schedules.
Is it worth it?
Effective temperature control can reduce bills by up to 37%.
Example Use Cases

In the hallway

At night, the Grenton system will lower the temperature to avoid unnecessary costs.

In the living room

Grenton continuously reacts to temperature changes, e.g., depending on the opening of windows and the degree of room cooling.

In the kitchen

When you use the oven or cook, you heat the room. The system will adjust the heating to the changing conditions in the kitchen.

In the bedroom

Before you go to bed, Grenton Smart Home System will lower the temperature in the bedroom.

In the bathroom

The system will maintain an individual temperature in the bathroom and warm the towel before the evening bath.

During frost

Grenton knows when you are returning home – it will turn on the floor heating to take care of your comfort.

During a romantic dinner

With one button, turn on the fireplace and set the mood lighting. Combine these two actions to create a scene.

In the children’s room

The system will ensure that your child never gets too cold or too hot.

In the garage

Grenton knows about the open garage door. During its opening, it will turn off the heating in the room to save heat.

Rollet Shutters and Blinds Control

Raise and lower roller shutters. Control awnings and curtains. Smoothly respond to changes outside the window. Adjust the angle of the slats.


Automate the control of roller shutters depending on the angle of the sun’s rays. The system continuously analyzes where the sun is, adjusting the setting of the roller shutters accordingly.


Integrate the system with a weather station or download weather data from the Internet. Secure your home against changing weather conditions or break-ins. Even when you are away.

How does it work?
You use dedicated modules for controlling roller shutters and blinds, as well as integration with, among others, a weather station, alarm, sensors, and data from the Internet.
Is it worth it?
Efficient management of roller shutters can save up to 16% on bills.
Examples of use:

In the living room

Create a pleasant atmosphere in the living room. Control the blinds, let in soft light, and dim the room.

In the kitchen

Close the curtains with one button. Change the angle of the slats so that the sun rays reflect off the blinds.

In the bedroom

Waking up can be pleasant. The system will automatically raise the roller shutters, and the morning sun will brighten your bedroom.

During a storm

Not at home? The system will detect weather changes and will automatically close the external roller shutters in case of a storm.

Gate Control

Control the gate, wicket, and garage door from a single app or touch panel. Integrate surveillance cameras, intercom views, and sensor data to monitor your home.


Drive up to your property, and the gate will already be open. Use automatically activated driveway lights based on motion sensor data.


Remotely open the wicket for the courier when they are waiting with a package. Keep an eye on your smart parcel box for letters and packages.

How does it work?
You use modules to control basic functionalities of entrance and garage gates, wickets, and front doors. You benefit from system automation and convenient, remote control from the app.
Is it worth it?
It’s convenient, comfortable, and safe. You will realize this once you experience it.
Examples of use:

In the garage

Forget about the remote. The system will automatically open the garage door as soon as you approach it.

In the garden

Let guests into the garden party without leaving the grill. A single hand gesture is enough.

In the house

Someone ringing the doorbell? Open the door from anywhere in the house without going to the entrance.

Outside the house

From the office, a store, or a beach chair – remotely open the gate for the courier using the app.

In the kitchen

Touch the button with your elbow and open the gate for guests – even while cooking.

Energy Management

Monitor current electricity consumption, create plans and schedules for energy use. Save and control its consumption through other systems and household devices.


Allow the system to automatically optimize electricity consumption based on the current tariff. The system will automatically turn on and off power receivers when it is most economical.


Utilize the system’s integration with photovoltaic installations and manage the use of excess energy. Use it to charge an electric car, maintain optimal temperature, or heat water completely for free.

How does it work?
Based on energy consumption data, you use the system for optimal control of power receivers. By integrating the system with the inverter of photovoltaic panels, you automate the use of energy produced by your home, including its excess production.
Is it worth it?
Only with home automation does the vision of an energy self-sufficient home become a reality.
Examples of use:

In the garage

Grenton supports water heating in the boiler or electric car charging – and you won’t pay a penny for it.


The system will intelligently release excess energy to power the heat pump and heat the home for free.

Household Appliances

Grenton Smart Home System will turn on the washing machine or dishwasher when the energy tariff is the lowest.

Heat Pump

The Smart Home Grenton system will optimize the operation of the heat pump.

During a blackout

Thanks to the excess energy and the use of a generator, you will be safe even during serious power grid failures.

Integration with Alarm System

The modern home standard is an alarm integrated with a home automation system. Thanks to this integration, you arm the alarm and check its status from the myGrention app or Grenton panels. Take advantage of integration with cameras and presence and motion sensors.


With automation, arm the alarm, close the roller shutters, and turn off the lights throughout the house with a single button. Additionally, integrate the alarm with a smart lock and check in one app whether the doors are closed and the alarm is active.


Follow in the app notifications about important events in the house, including the status of the alarm, carbon monoxide sensors, smoke, and flooding.

How does it work?
You use a gate-type module for native integration with the alarm system. Additionally, you use smart home system automation to gain additional functionalities from the cooperation of both systems.
Is it worth it?
Integrating a smart home with an alarm means greater security, convenience, and full control over critical home parameters.
Examples of use:

In the hallway

Set an “exit scene,” activate the alarm with one button, turn off lights, close external blinds, and lock the doors.

At work

Receive notifications on your phone when your home detects any unusual activity.

While away

Thanks to the remote monitoring system with camera feeds, observe what’s happening at home when you are not there.

Watering the flowers

During a vacation, use the app to remotely let your neighbor into your home to water the plants.

During a break-in

Protect your home with a system that will automatically notify the household when the alarm is triggered.

Integration with Multimedia

Integrate all audio-video devices with the system. Create scenes and transform your living room into a centralized entertainment hub controlled from a single app or touch panel.


Utilize a ‘cinema scene’ to simultaneously turn on the TV, audio system, lower roller shutters, activate ambient lighting, and automatically illuminate the path to the kitchen or bathroom. Take advantage of the ‘morning scene’ where you are awakened in the bedroom by your favorite music or radio news.


Thanks to the infrared transmitter in the Grenton Multisensor, control your audio-video equipment with the app instead of a remote control. Also, integrate other multimedia and home appliances, including, for example, a cleaning robot that will automatically start its program after you activate the ‘exit scene’ from the home.

How does it work?
You use dedicated modules as well as native and individual integrations, available thanks to the open architecture of the Grenton system.
Is it worth it?
It’s not just about convenience and comfort but also tangible savings. You will save up to 19% by controlling multimedia through the smart home system.
Examples of use:

In the hallway

Allow yourself to be greeted by your favorite music and a selected TV program on the screen.

In the living room

Replace remote controls for multimedia devices with the myGrenton app. Control from anywhere.

During dinner

With one hand motion, turn on ambient music and discreet lighting.

In the kitchen

Control music without interrupting cooking. Grenton Smart Home will help you with that.

In the bedroom

Without getting out of bed, check if the TV in the children’s room is on and remotely set a timer.

In the garden

Change the playlist, adjust the volume of the music, turn off the TV while grilling.

Integration with HVAC

Integrate all HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) devices within a single Grenton Smart Home System.


Connect the heat pump, recuperator, and air conditioning to fully enjoy control over temperature, air quality, and costs. Additionally, take advantage of integration with the weather station and sensors to automate the home’s behavior.


Add the Multisensor to the system to monitor and utilize precise data on CO2 concentration and bad odors in the room, air humidity, noise, atmospheric pressure, light intensity, and temperature.

How does it work?
You use dedicated modules for integration with air conditioning, recuperation, heat pump, furnace, etc. You automate home behavior based on data from sensors and online data (e.g., weather forecast).
Is it worth it?
Integrating HVAC devices in the home can reduce costs by up to 37%.
Examples of use:

In the hallway

Right after you leave, the system will turn off the ventilation, and before you return, it will air out the entire apartment.

In the living room

Grenton will activate ventilation, recuperation, and air conditioning to provide the best climate in your home.

In the kitchen

The kitchen hood will automatically turn on as soon as the Multisensor detects the presence of unwanted odors.

With an open window

Grenton will turn off the air conditioning and recuperation when it’s not needed to avoid unnecessary costs.

In the bedroom

Do you prefer a light, refreshing breeze or a summer wind? Grenton Smart Home will take care of the ideal conditions for falling asleep

During sleep

Grenton regulates the climate; you always wake up refreshed.

Garden control

Control irrigation and garden lighting. Integrate the Grenton Smart Home system with a soil moisture sensor and forget about dried-out plants. The system uses data from sensors and schedules, but also analyzes the rain forecast to avoid unnecessary watering of plants.


In the evening, for your garden’s safety, according to the schedule, the building’s facade lighting will turn on, as well as the garden’s spot lighting. All thanks to the algorithms of the smart home system.


Also add control of the pump in the pond or swimming pool. Integrate the management of lighting in the garden jacuzzi and turn on the sauna from the mobile application.

How does it work?
You use the basic functions of the system (on, off, schedule), enriched with data from integrated moisture and motion sensors, as well as online data.
Is it worth it?
Automated garden watering can reduce your water bills by up to 25% annually.
Examples of use:

Swimming Pool

Integrate the control of the pool pump with the Grenton Smart Home system.


Control the sauna using the myGrenton application.


Control the jacuzzi from the application on your phone.

Internet Data

Download data from the network – thanks to this you will never overwater the plants in the garden.

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