Benefits in Grenton Home


Thanks to its automations, Grenton will relieve you of household duties and replace you in routine tasks. And when you want, you will use the app to manage your entire home from anywhere.


Grenton will optimize energy consumption. It will lower the temperature, turn off the lights, and raise the roller shutters on a sunny day—all to lower your bills and help you enjoy savings.


Grenton will take care of the home and its residents. The system will cut off the water supply if it detects flooding. It will warn you if it detects a fire or elevated levels of carbon monoxide. During strong winds, it will close the awning.


The system will handle your daily tasks for you, and the app will allow you to control it from anywhere. It will set the optimal temperature in each room and activate your favorite lighting scene.


At night, it will safely light your way to the bathroom. In the “morning scene,” it will raise all the roller shutters.


After activating the “leaving home” scene, it will turn off selected outlets and lights, and switch the furnace to eco mode. In the “welcome scene,” it will play your favorite music.

How does it work?

Home automation will take care of your daily duties, and integration with household devices will ensure comfort for the entire family.

Time Savings

Grenton will handle your daily activities, giving you time for what you enjoy.


The system will automatically close the gate, secure the attic windows, arm the alarm, ensure the sustainable operation of household appliances, and manage the water level in the pond. It will water the garden, activate the vacuum cleaner in the “leaving home” scene, and warm up your coffee cups in the morning.


You don’t have to return home to check if the iron is off or the doors are locked; you can manage everything from the app.

How does it work?

What you had to do yourself before, Grenton Home will do for you.

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Money Savings

Grenton will save not only time but also money.


When you leave the house, the system will turn off devices or switch them to eco mode. It will regulate the intensity of lighting, heating, or cooling in rooms. It will also automatically set the level of roller shutters and the angle of the blinds’ slats to naturally heat or cool the rooms. It will water the garden when the soil moisture is too low and there is no forecast of heavy rainfall. It will activate the heat storage when the electricity price is at its lowest.


In a house with a PV installation, it will help maintain a positive energy balance – charging your electric car with stored energy for free.

How does it work?

Utilizing automations and data from sensors or the Internet, the system optimizes the operation of home systems and devices. So as to save money.


You no longer have to worry about flooding, a forgotten iron, an inactive alarm, an open attic window during a storm, or poor air quality in the house.


Grenton will detect the threat and within seconds will shut off the water supply to the entire house or ventilate the rooms in case of detecting too high levels of CO in the air. Using automation, the house itself will activate the alarm in the “exit scene” or close the awning during strong winds.


Thanks to myGrenton, you have full control over the house. You will also receive a notification on your phone if something requires your intervention.

How does it work?

Data analysis from sensors, integration with alarms, monitoring systems, weather stations, remote control, and oversight through the app – these are elements that enhance the security of Grenton Home.

Safety in Grenton Home – Examples:


When the system detects high levels of CO2 or unpleasant odors, it will activate ventilation and notify you of the issue.

Smoke Detector

If a fire breaks out, the home will immediately close the main gas valve, turn on the lights, and activate the alarm.

Flooding Sensor

If flooding is detected, the home will close the main water valve and send you a notification about the danger.


Thanks to integration, you will view images from surveillance cameras, intercom, and parcel box in the app.

Scene “Exit”

Thanks to automation, your alarm will always be armed when you leave the house.

Scene “Strong Wind”

In strong winds, the house will close the attic windows, retract the awning, and secure the roller shutters.

Push Notifications

In a critical moment you will receive a push notification.

Remote Access

You will remotely turn off the iron or a selected electrical circuit. You will also simulate the presence of household members.


The modern automation system works even without a central unit. Revolutionary and globally unique Distributed Logic technology ensures that the Grenton system continues to operate even if the central unit is disconnected. In such a situation, your home will still have active functions, including: lighting, roller shutters, temperature settings, gate opening, and simple scenes.


You can also expand the system in the future as the needs of the household grow, without worrying that you’ll forget something at the start.

How does it work?

Innovative Distributed Logic technology ensures reliable system performance in critical conditions.

Customized to Your Needs

The Grenton system is designed for household members. Every element is customizable. The range of functionalities, automations, and integrations is individually tailored, each time with care for the specific needs of the users.


The appearance of touch panels can be adapted to the interiors where they are installed. The operation of buttons and their configuration are also individual and can be changed in the future.


Each household member has their own version of the myGrenton app – different for the dad, different for the child. According to needs.

How does it work?

Authorized partners and certified installers will analyze your needs. They will configure the system, implement it, and adapt it to your requirements. They will also assist you if you wish to make changes in the future.

Design for Every Interior

The modern look of Grenton touch panels and the various types of materials they are made from ensure that the panels fit perfectly into any interior, in line with current design trends.


You can choose from a constantly expanding portfolio of high-quality, stylish, modern materials, including glass, natural wood, and premium leather.


If needed, you can engrave any icon on the panel to remember the functions of a specific button.

How does it work?

Use our configurator to select the panel finish that is perfect for your room’s decor. Visit the Grenton Smart Home Showroom to see how the selected materials look “in person”.

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to Your Interior

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Complete Offer

Grenton means a complete system sold and installed by professional installers. Starting from the selection of control modules, touch panels, their installation, and the configuration of the system and application – everything is done by certified, trained partners.


When choosing Grenton partners, you will benefit from a professional contractor for other installations in the home as well.

How does it work?

Authorized Grenton partners and certified installers often offer complementary smart home installations, including the setup of:


  • full electrical systems,
  • alarms, monitoring,
  • audio-video systems,
  • photovoltaics,
  • hydraulics,
  • heating,
  • heat pumps.

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